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   Chapter 134 I love him

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Hester looked at her in astonishment, feeling flustered. Was she blaming her? Her breath sped up and her mind was in a mess. She didn't know how to deal with Melody.

She felt very strange to have such a lofty manner. Hester was more afraid of something. She didn't know what she was afraid of, feeling that something was about to leave her.

An idea flashed through her mind but she failed to seize it. She turned around and looked at Melody sitting at the table. Her eyebrows were slightly raised.

Her warm and thin hand covered on her white hand, but was shaken away. Hester had spent a lot of strength to stabilize her body, and she looked at the cold Melody in confusion.

"Melody, are you mad at me? If I had acted faster, you wouldn't have suffered so much. I tried my best, really! "

She raised her eyebrows in disgust, glanced at Hester and snorted. She got up and looked at Lisa who wore a complicated expression.

"The noise here is bad for my appetite. Take the breakfast to my room!"

"Yes, Miss!" Lisa nodded at her, a flicker of doubt passing over her eyes, but she didn't say anything. She looked up at Hester's pale face and sighed.

Melody was in good spirits and had a ruddy face. But this woman... Could it be that they were born to be incompatible?

Hester stood at the spot at a loss, as if she was in an ice cellar. The red color on the back of her hand was shocking, but she pretended not to know it.

Why? How could Melody, who was always gentle and nice, become like this? Why did she look at her like that? It was like she was looking at something dirty.

"What happened?"

She murmured, tears streaming down her cheeks. Breathing heavily, she couldn't accept this change.

Hester curled up at the head of the bed and locked herself in the room. Melody's eyes appeared in her mind and she couldn't get rid of them. Her heart was eroded bit by bit.

Maybe it was just because Melody had just recovered from a serious illness that her temperament changed greatly. She would be fine in a few days?

She stood at the door of Melody's bedro


It was just that she did not even have the courage to speak, and she was a little pitiful in her heart! 'Her husband is going to marry another woman, but she is still here without knowing the situation.'

"Come to see me when you have made up your mind! Terence is waiting for me outside. I have to go now! "

Melody said slowly as if she was afraid that Hester couldn't see it clearly. The moment she passed her, she saw her shaking and restored to calm, feeling bored.

Although it was fun to tease her, she now had a negative effect on Terence. She needed to make up for it and consolidate her position.

She sighed and was worried about the incident. She blamed herself for being too greedy for the temperature on his body, and lost her discretion. She was really upset.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Hester turned around and looked at her eyes. She wouldn't believe it unless she saw it with her own eyes.

Melody was such a good person. It couldn't be like this. It must be her illusion.

"Do you like him?"

Her palms were sweaty with nervousness. She stared at her in case she would miss something.

She chuckled as if she had heard something funny. Something flashed in Melody's eyes. She raised her head slowly. She looked at Hester's face with a mocking smile, and said intentionally.

"I think you are wrong. I don't like him... I love him! "

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