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   Chapter 124 Encounter the mob

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Hester was very excited sitting in the car and looking at the scenery outside the window. It was not because they were shopping that made her excited, but because they were going to pick up a birthday gift for Terence.

From the corner of her eyes, Hester saw Hester's yearning expression. She turned around and hid the contempt in her eyes perfectly. Even if she couldn't hear, the driver in the front would be different.

She, the daughter of Si family, must be perfect in front of people and would not easily expose her secret. She had been educated as a lady these years.

When the car stopped at the gate of the shopping mall, Melody waved to the driver.

"How about you go back first. I don't know how long we'll have to walk on. It's so boring to wait for such a long time. I'll call you when we are about to get home. "

Last time they went shopping for so long, the driver had been waiting at the door. Hester was a little sorry. When Melody said so, she also agreed to let him go back first.

"Yes! You can pick us up when we come back. "

Hester was relieved at last. They walked into the mall hand in hand. Without a target, they went into a store as soon as they saw one.

Hester held her waist with her hand, feeling a little sore. But when she saw that Melody was still busy in choosing, she felt embarrassed to sit there. So she had to stand beside her.

Melody was looking at the sleeve in her hand, and a faint smile flashed across her lips. She placed the cuffs she wanted on one side and turning her head to look at Hester.

"How is it going? Which one do you think is suitable for Terence? "

They were expensive, but Terence didn't like them. Hester was at a loss for words. Melody was very kind and she couldn't bear to disappoint her!

"Well, Terence has many cuffs. Let's go and see other things!"

Melody looked at Hester with mixed feelings. Standing in front of the counter, she didn't move.

"Is it because Terence doesn't like it?"

Although she couldn't hear her voice, but

he sight of several figures approaching from afar. Her heart was in her throat and the surroundings were pitch black. It was very dangerous.

Melody walked at a corner with her hand holding Hester more tightly. There was a wall around them, so there was only one path in front of them. The only feasible way was to walk along the wall and make a detour from them.

"Hester, listen to me! If I push you, you'll run as fast as you can. Don't look back, okay? "

"Why? What's up? "

Hester was more scared at the sight of her nervous expression. She was afraid of darkness as she couldn't hear. Those things hidden in the darkness made her hair stand on end.

She raised her hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. Melody said word by word.

"Anyway, be prepared. Just listen to me. No matter what I encounter later, you always hide behind me. "

Hester nodded in a panic, vigilant about everything that could be changed around her. The pungent smell of wine greeted her nose. She disliked it very much.

Hester and Melody was moving closer and closer to the group. Although she could not hear any sound, she could understand something from their exaggerated mouth movements.

The men's expressions were exaggerated, and their faces were flushed. It seemed that they had drunk a lot. They walked with arms on each other, laughing and joking.

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