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   Chapter 123 A weird atmosphere

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With a shy smile, Hester turned around and kneaded Terence's temples to ease his fatigue. All she could do was to take good care of him. It was her wish, and also his mother's last wish.

It was a harmonious scene, but in Melody's eyes, it was very unpleasant. She closed her eyes to conceal the hatred in them. She was determined to get Terence's love.

"Melody, what do you think of this one?"

"Melody, try my newly learned pastry. Give some advice to me!"

"Melody, Melody, look! This is so cute!"

Melody had been fed up with Hester for the past few days. She was sick to death if she had to pretend to be gentle. She locked herself in her room and lay on the bed.

She was bored playing with her mobile phone and reading the gossip headlines. The affair between she and Terence was always hanged up on the Internet, which was very hot. Looking at their photos, she smiled sweetly.

Hester walked around the room, rubbing her hair fretfully. They didn't expect that time would pass so fast, and Terence's birthday was coming.

In the past, every time she couldn't go out, she would make something for him, but he threw it away. From then on, she learned to cook the food he liked for him as a gift on his birthday.

This was the first year that they got married. She didn't want to continue. She had to send him a meaningful gift. How knotty!

"What kind of gift?"

She racked her brain but could not think of a good idea. Hester sighed softly, lowering her head. As expected, even this kind of thing, she also wanted to trouble Maggie?

Her hand on the door was quickly pulled back. This kind of affair was relatively private, Hester was a little embarrassed. Melody was gentle and kind. She liked the way she was doing.

She had always been dependent on her since she went shopping with her last time. Moreover, there was a person who could make reference, which was much more useful than her meditation.

Hester knocked at her door a

, and no one knew what she was saying. She took a stealthy glance at her, and guessed what she would say.

"Huh!" Said Melody, snickering. She had known him for such a long time, so she knew exactly what he liked. She just gave it to him when she saw that the fruit was fresh, but she didn't expect to be treated like that.

Her line of sight swept Hester. Her gaze was so cold that it made people tremble with fear.

Hester furrowed her eyebrows, as if she was in an ice house. Confused, she looked up at the window and smiled. No wonder she felt cold. The window was not closed!

Hester was stunned. She knew that she hadn't heard her words. Melody patted on her shoulder and smiled when she saw Hester looking back at her.

"It's getting late. I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow. Good night! "

"Good night! See you tomorrow! "

Hester nodded. They were going out tomorrow. It was still early, but she thought Melody went to bed so early in order to have a good rest!

After getting dressed, she put on the radiation proof clothes. Hester stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Everything was ready. He took the handbag and walked out.

When she met Lisa who was coming up, she said hello to her with a good mood. With a smile, she looked more lively.

"Good morning! Lisa! "

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