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   Chapter 121 They had a good relationship

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Hester was not allowed to go out because she was unable to hear. Now when Melody lived in, she had always been staying with her, listening to her telling something interesting.

Hester was grateful to her, for she had saved Terence. Anything related to her must be done by herself, and she would not let the servant do it.

She thought that only in this way could she thank Melody and show her the best sincerity. And she should also try to let her eat light food. Besides, she also forbade her to eat food that was forbidden on the wounds.

Melody pinched her throat and continued.

"And one more time, I...Ahem, ahem, I... "

Hester hurriedly handed a glass of water, feeling guilty. Miss Melody is a patient now. It's all her fault. She has been silent all the time. Now that she's here, I'm always coming for her.

"Melody, have a good rest! I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do, so I left first. Bye! "

Melody smiled and watched Hester leave. She snorted and put the glass aside. She was lying on the bed with an impatient look.

"What a stupid woman! I'm fed up with her!"

When Hester went back to her room, she took out the small clothes woven a few days ago and continued to improve it. She had been with Melody in the past few days. Now she was not used to be alone.

Even though she could still hear nothing, the quiet made her feel lonely. However, being around her was a little comforting.

She sat on the windowsill and seriously knitted the sweater. It was quite relaxing to wait Terence come back. Her belly was much bigger than before, and now she moved slowly, but she didn't feel tired at all.

Waving the goblet in his hand, Aron looked at the man opposite with interest, raising the corners of his mouth. He had a pair of long, charming eyes.

"Hey, it's so late. Why don't you go home? We are having fun here. It's a bit inconvenient for you to stay here. "

He drained the glass and refilled it. Terence ignored his tease. Now that he was home, he could see Hester and Melody stay together. She was annoyed by Hester's attitude, so she wouldn't go back.


adorable! "

Melody took the clothes from her hands and looked through them with great interest. At the thought of the baby's little body, Melody was very happy. But when she knew that it was from this woman, she suddenly became cold.

"But these clothes are a bit rough, won't it be comfortable for the baby to wear them?"

Hester patted herself on the head. How could she forget such an important thing? She was just on the spur of the moment and found some cloth.

"Look at me! I was so excited that I forgot it. Thanks to your reminding. Otherwise, the baby would feel uncomfortable wearing these clothes and couldn't speak it out. It must be very suffering. "

She took the clothes over and felt it carefully. It was not good.

"No way! The fabric at home is all of this kind. It's inconvenient for me to go out. "

Melody chuckled, looking at the tangled appearance of Hester, she only felt funny.

"I can go shopping with you, but only after Terence goes to work. If he knows it, he will be angry again. "

Hester was very happy at her request. She didn't even dare to think about it, but she didn't expect that she would say it herself. She felt happy when she thought about it.

"Really? But I don't think you are in good health. "

Thinking of her car accident not long ago, she was still a little worried. Although she really wanted her to go out with her, she had to think about her health.

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