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   Chapter 120 The Misunderstanding Was Clarified

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"Sorry, I didn't mean it."

Although she had thought a lot in her mind, she could never be tit for tat in front of Terence. She had been so gentle since she was a child that she had never quarreled with anyone.

Hearing the soft voice came to his ears, a strange feeling rose in the bottom of Terence's heart. He frowned and his eyes flashed a trace of forbearance.

"Well, go back to your room and have a rest!"

The next day, Hester pushed open the door of Melody's room while Terence was working in the company. Standing in front of her in a fluster, Hester felt herself inferior.

She took a deep breath and gathered all her courage to look up at Melody, somewhat stammering.

"Well... Miss Melody, do you need anything?"

Although everyone knew about the affair between Melody and Terence, Hester was willing to look after her with seeing the bandage on her forehead.

She would try her best to get things done as long as it was about people or things that Terence cared about.

Melody looked at the woman in front of her up and down. This woman didn't have an excellent appearance, but she was worth looking. No small and delicate, she was so cute and lovely that it was true that men liked her.

However, she was not smart enough. No, it should be said that she was stupid. 'As she had already lived in their house. How could she want to take care of herself? It's ridiculous, ' she thought.

Melody's sight fell on her belly, with a hint of cruelty flashing in her eyes. Such a stupid woman had no right to be pregnant with Terence's child. But, she couldn't break up with her yet, this woman could be used.

Thinking of this, Melody smiled and looked gentle.

"Thank you, Miss Hester. My body has almost recovered. Terence thought I got hurt because of him and felt so sorry. So he took me to here for recover better. Please don't mind it. "

Hearing her words, Hester was puzzled. 'What did she mean? Injured?'

"Miss Melody, what do you mean?"

Melody looked at Hester's frown and then smiled. She dragged Hester to sit on the edge of the bed and slowed down her speak

ing haunted him again and made him very uncomfortable.

He clenched the chopsticks. The blue veins on the back of his hand bulged slightly as if he was bearing something. Feeling bored, Terence stood up.

"I'm full. Enjoy yourself!"

Hester looked at him in confusion. He didn't even touch the rice in his bowl. How could he be full?

Melody said firstly and nodded slightly. 'Since Terence came back today, he had been preoccupied with many thoughts. Perhaps it was about work.

As an understanding woman, she wouldn't ask him at this time. Just leave him some space.'

"Okay! Go ahead with your work. "

Standing by the window, Terence was in a fret. The strange feeling came to him with some doubts, which was a tricky thing for him to deal with. When Yam first came to the villa, Hester had been asking about her identity all the time.

But for Melody move in, why did Hester's attitude change? Except for the little weird look yesterday, she just looked completely different today. And she was even talking and laughing now. They were rivals in love, but they got along like friends which was really weird.

And because of this, he was even depressed. 'Or she doesn't care about me anymore? '

Wait! Why did he feel upset? Was that the reason?

He shook his head in disbelief and went back to his desk to continue with today's files, forgetting all the messy thoughts in his mind.

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