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   Chapter 118 The Man Behind The Scene

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The name "Mike" coming out of Aron mouth amused Terence. His brother has been a gentleman ever since he was a child. How could he do such a cruel and merciless thing?

"Stop joking. It's impossible!"

Looking at Terence in front of him, Aron revealed a charming smile.

"I tell the honest, you don't believe me at all. Or do you really want me to tell a lie? "

He took out an envelope and handed it to Terence.

"Look! This is the evidence. You should believe it, right? "

Terence opened the envelope with uncertainty, and saw a photo of Mike and a man. They were talking about something, Terence's photo was also held in his hand.

Raising his eyebrows proudly, Aron was confident in his investigation means. At first, he was also surprised when he got the photos. Then he went on following this clue, but lose all their traces. It was tricky.

"Things are getting more and more interesting! But I'm afraid that the mastermind is not simple. We'll be at a loss for what to do in a short time! "

'No wonder! No wonder that Ramona and Mike dared to hold a board meeting with such confidence. It turned out that someone supported them.'

A cold smile appeared on Terence's face. For the thing that Hester had been taken away by him last time, he was really spared!

"Can't you find it out with your own ability?"

Hearing Terence asked in such a disdainful tone, Aron felt wronged. He nodded his head, looking a little listless.

"I stopped the people who attack you at the dock. It took me a long time to force them to come up with the name of Mike. Though keep asking, we know nothing. "

Aron changed his position. He felt nervous since he had been stared by Terence so closely. Although he was used to be looked up by others, he was not lucky to be looked up by a person good at calculating!

"I have sent someone to monitor Mike, but his body will float over the lake next day. Even if I wanted to use the camera in his house, the camera would be removed. Anyway... "

"In a short, you can't even touch the iceberg of that man!"

Terence snorted, interrupting Aron's long story. With his brows knitted, Terence tried to recall what had happened in the past. He might have

ut they were all stopped by him. He must be very worried!

Hester was getting more and more anxious as she couldn't reach Terence. What if something really happened? Or her hunch for Terence was true that day?

Or he had been kidnapped and his phone had been turned off? Lying on the phone anxiously, she answered the phone as soon as it rang.

However, she couldn't hear the voice and could only tell it from Lisa's mouth shape. Even if they had been kidnapped for so long, they should have made a phone call to ask for money, shouldn't they? Why there was no call?

Looking at Hester who was restless, Lisa was worried too. As soon as Terence arrived at the B city, he called to make them sure that he was safe. It was really strange that they hadn't contacted each other for such a long time.

It was pitch dark outside. Lisa stared at the sky anxiously. Miss Hester was very stubborn. She wouldn't go to sleep before being called every day. If she continued to be like this, her body would be very weak.

"It's late. You should go to bed, Miss Hester! I'll stay here. As long as Mr. Terence called, I'll tell you in the first time, okay? You are too weak now. You can't do that any more! "

Hester replied with a sigh and went back to sleep. She didn't sleep well last night and always dreamed about the blood all over Terence's body. She woke up as soon as she saw it.

Finally, she drifted off to sleep, but was awakened by the voice outside the room.

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