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   Chapter 117 Investigation

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Outside the operating room, he thought about all the possibilities. Terence had suspected Mr. Lay before, but he couldn't even protect him now. How could he get himself into such a big trouble.

"The accident occurs on the way to sign the contract."

Playing with his phone, Aron curled his lips. It seemed that the attacker knew what Terence did, he must have been well prepared!

"It seems that someone is provoking us! But I like it! "

He was born with blood thirsty instinctively. The nervous and exciting things made him excited. A sharp light flashed across Aron's eyes, as if he had found something interesting.

He put on a disdainful smile. He liked the cat and mouse game most. Terence gazed at Aron with a smile, and spoke indifferently.

He rolled his eyes at the excited Aron and felt a headache. How could he forget that this bloke liked to challenge all the time? Now, it was a big challenge for him.

"I don't care what it takes to find the person! Since he has the guts to make trouble, he should be prepared to take the consequences! "

Aron drew back his neck silently, even amused himself. He is involved in the underworld business, but why does Terence have more power than him?

Luckily, he was his friend. Otherwise, he would have some trouble.

"Don't worry!"

Looking at Melody's sleeping face, the pictures that she pushed him out of the car flashed through Terence's mind. It was obvious that she was a paper tiger, but her combat effectiveness was astonishing.

At that time, she was scared to death. How could she think of a way to protect him so quickly and accurately? He really didn't know how to comment on her.

Aron forced himself to shake his head at Hester's face flashed through his mind. It seemed that he was out of his mind. Otherwise, why would he think of that woman again and again?

"You've been wounded. I'll ask the hospital to get you a bed. I'll go out first. You stay here and wait. "

Terence slightly nodded, but didn't open his eyes. There were scratches on Melody's hands

rtune. However, in order to prevent someone from getting angry, he could only think about it in his heart.

Reaching out his hand to touch his nose. Aron still remembered that he was ignored for twenty minutes.

"We are still investigating! You know, things are difficult! "

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Terence looked straight into the amorous eyes of Aron, and then he took a deep breath. He stood up and walked to him. Because of the viewing angle, Terence held the upper hand.

Aron had a clear character and was very efficient. If he really said that the attacker wasn't caught, he believed that. After all, this was not his place. But if there was no gains, he didn't even believe a score!

"It's a bit inconvenient here. Let's go out and have a good talk!"

Aron sat there like a dandy and didn't move at all. Aron felt a little pitiful in his heart. Years ago, it was him that handed over the fighting skill to Terence, but he did not expect that this guy would knock down his master directly.

The past was so bitter that he didn't want to mention it again. But why did Terence always use a "Fight if you are not convinced?" as his tone which made him really unhappy.

But it was a fact that he really couldn't win Terence, and it was unnecessary to verify. What's more, he didn't really want to fight now. He was just venting!

"It's Mike!"

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