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   Chapter 116 in danger

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Melody couldn't help screaming. The car was hit by a great force and left the mountain road, hanging half over the edge of the cliff. With her eyes staring into the bottomless cliff, she almost felt that the car had lost its balance.

At the same time, Hester was knitting the clothes, the needle was pricked into her hand. Her heart skipped a beat, as if something terrible had happened. She hurried to the hall, looking nervous.

"Lisa! Lisa! "

Upon hearing this, Lisa dashed into the room. She was holding Hester's shoulder to make sure she could see her mouth shape.

"Miss Hester, are you okay?"

Hester was holding her hand tightly. She didn't know why she was so flustered. She thought of Terence immediately for fear that something would happen to him.

"Call Terence! Call him!"

Although she didn't know what happened, Lisa still took out her cell phone and dialed the number of Mr. Terence. Miss Hester couldn't hear the telephone ring, so even if she called, she didn't know what happened. Generally, it was Lisa she who called.

"Hello! The subscriber you dialed cannot be connected at the moment. Please redial later! "

"I can't get through. How about we call him later?"

Hester covered her chest, unable to calm down for a long time. However, as the phone was not connected, she would not make trouble out of nothing but wish him all right in her heart.

"Damn it!"

Terence cursed and stepped on the gas. The car finally got on the right track. They failed to notice the rocks that popped out when they tried to avoid the car. Due to the rock, their car got on the right track.

When she felt that the car was back on the right track, Melody felt relieved. The scene was too dangerous. She couldn't stay still, or both of them would die here.

As Terence still held the steering wheel tightly, the blue veins stood out on the back of his hands. He couldn't let his guard down after what had happened.

There was a sudden turn ahead. Melody carefully analyzed the terrain and found that there was a groove there. She leaned over to Terence and took a deep breath.

"Terence, take care of yourself!"

Swiftly opening the door, she pushed him off the car with all her strength. Then she closed the door and dro

Interrupted by Terence's words, Aron looked at him with a sly smile, and finally felt relieved.

"Wow! You seem really energetic. I guess you weren't badly hurt. "

The more nervous he was, the less decent he was. He had gotten used to it for so many years. As these words were uttered out of his mouth, Terence turned around and went back to Melody's ward.

"Come on in! Don't make any disturbance. "

Feeling sick, Aron touched his nose and followed Terence to the ward obediently.'. The bodyguards behind stood at the door automatically to cut off the crowd.

After taking a glance at Melody who was in a coma, Aron turned to look at Terence. Bandages were only over his arm. he assumed that Terence wasn't hurt badly.

"How is Melody? Is she seriously injured? "

After tucking Melody under the quilt, Terence gave him a cold look. What happened this time was so odd that he had to investigate it thoroughly!

"She is fine. She just has a slight concussion."

Aron sat elegantly on the sofa and stared at Terence with an evil smile. The more emergent the situation was, the more he liked to make a joke.

After knowing that Terence had an accident, he sent persons to check the scene at the beginning time. Except for some traces of brake, there was no clue. It was likely to be done by gangsters, which was very difficult.

"The accident happened on a mountain road. It will take some time to investigate it. But why did you run to such a remote place for no reason at all? "

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