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   Chapter 114 You treat me as her

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"You don't like the taste of beer, do you?"

He frowned slightly. Seeing that Melody was drinking, Terence couldn't help but ask. She said she didn't like the taste of beer.

Melody drank up the beer in one gulp. Then she stood up and walked to the wine cabinet. She took out a glass of red wine and showed it around.

"People are all able to change. Forget it, do you want to change for red wine?"

"You'll get drunk!"

Terence exposed her lie without mercy. He really didn't want to see her get drunk anymore. People always said that alcohol made the lies go, but he hated the feeling of losing control.

It seemed that she had lost all the protection, so it was very dangerous to show her fragile side.

She poured the red wine into a glass, swirled it gently and handed it to Terence. Melody took a sip, with a smile on her face. She was just a little unhappy to see him didn't take the wine.

"It's good wine. Don't be such a wet blanket, okay?"

Terence sighed. He couldn't change her mind. Terence shook the wine glass in which scarlet liquid, blood colored, filled with a taste of late night.

Melody took a sip of wine unconcernedly and looked at him nervously. With her hands clenched, she watched his every movement.

The hotel waiter had seen the scene of she putting the philter. When she recalled the scene, she felt frightened. This bottle of wine was prepared before, and she didn't believe that he wouldn't fall into the trap.

Recently, he became more and more indifferent to her, and her emotions were out of control. She liked him even more.

At the beginning, she was just for their own interests, now she wanted to confirm the identity of fiancee. As for the deaf woman, she disdained to treat her as an opponent.

Yam would do that, there was no need for her to get involved in it.

The figure in front of him was a little vague. Terence shook his head to stay awake. But he felt a headache. He sat on the sofa and rubbed his temples.

"What's wrong with you, Terence? Are you drunk? "

Her eyes sparkled with excitemen

eeling. The name 'Hester' had stabbed him in the heart, making him feel very guilty.

After getting dressed and coming out, she saw Terence sitting there. A crafty light flashed across her eyes. She pulled the shirt down, revealing her blue and purple clavicle.

"Well, you don't have to worry about this. It is excusable that you got drunk. I won't blame you. Besides, this is a common thing. I don't care. I'm hungry. Let's have breakfast! "

After looking at her in silence and taking a deep breath, he felt like there was a thorn in his throat. He nodded and left the room with her.

After breakfast, Melody excused herself from feeling unwell and went back to her room. Glancing at the glaring red mark on the bed, she smiled slightly.

She bent over, removed the bed sheet and threw it into the trash can. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her collarbone was still black and blue. When they were having breakfast, Terence's face was not so good, and her behavior in the morning was also natural and decent.

'As long as I continue to pretend not to care about it, then he is a contradiction.' Although he was a domineering man, he had some shortcomings.

She just wanted to be generous and make him feel guilty. A man's sense of guilt, once used, could be got.

When they met again in the evening, Terence frowned when he saw Melody slowly walking towards him.

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