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   Chapter 113 The design

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"Mr. Terence, it's easy to negotiate. Don't be too arbitrary."

Looking at the impatient face of Terence, Mr. Lay was somewhat guilty. He had negotiated with them, but they didn't give him a chance to defend himself. He had no choice but to listen to them.

He stood in his way, took a deep breath, bit his teeth and nodded.

"Well, Mr. Terence, I think you are quite frank. So, the contract is done. When will you sign the contract? I'll arrange the place. "

"Okay! I'll sign the contract two days later. You decide the place. "

He nodded slightly. Although the process was a little troublesome, the result was quite satisfactory. Terence showed his first smile, which made people feel intimidated.

"Since it's settled, we'll leave now. I heard there are many interesting places in B city and I want to go there. "

At the right time, Melody came to him, holding Terence's arm. When he lost his patience, he would cover it up with a smile.

If they continued to stay here, it would only be a waste of time. 'Mr. Lay might want to treat us to dinner.' He couldn't make everyone drunk at the table.

"Then I won't keep Mr. Terence here. Have fun, Miss Melody!"

He said with a flash of gloom in his eyes. He didn't expect that he would be trapped by him. It was because of his carelessness.

Mr. Lay waved goodbye to Terence. Looking at the flat eyebrows of Terence, Melody felt a little elated. Perhaps she was the only one who knew him best in the world.

"Terence, do you know some hearsay which made you so merciless?"

"That old fox has a large number of goods in his own hands. He is in a hurry to get rid of them. I'm just the idiot he likes."

The thought of Mr. Lay's face amused her. If Aron hadn't learnt about this, he wouldn't have signed the contract.

"You old fox must be sick to death! He's been through so many hardship. Who would expect that he was lessoned by you. It's good to think about it."

She couldn't help smiling. She would never forget Mr. Lay's unhappy face. That old fox had been scheming for his whole life. He never thought that this plan

ish you ordered, Terence! Why are there so many vegetables? I don't lose weight! That's not interesting at all. In Korean dramas, the beer is accompanied by pop chicken."

She cast a sharp glance at the waitress and complained. She shook the bottle of beer gently and handed it to Terence.

"As a punishment, you can empty this can and order delivery immediately!"

"Sir, miss, if you want to blow up the chicken, we can do it for you. Do you need these dishes? "

The waitress stopped serving and smiled. He avoided Melody's eyes and looked at the ground.

"Okay! Please do me a favor! Just bring them here later! "

Terence nodded. He was not familiar with fast food. He didn't even have an idea of what was going on when hearing what Melody said. Since it could be booked in the hotel, he was happy to be free.

"I think you just don't know what it is that caused the displeasure. Never mind. I'll let you go since you have mercy on me. "

She gave him an angry stare and pointed out bluntly. She waved to the waiter to let him out.

When he hurried out of the room, he ran into another waiter.

"What's wrong with you? Don't be in such a hurry. Otherwise, you will be punished by the manager! "

"People these days are really good at playing. How dare they put poison in the beer! How terrible!"


They heard the sound of footsteps and then disappeared completely.

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