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   Chapter 111 Change

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While in the operation room of M country on the other side of the continent. The machine kept making sounds and all people around the operating table looked serious. The surgeon's forehead was covered with sweat, and the scalpel in his hand steadily shuttled between the organs.

Austin's dark eyes became increasingly dazzling in a group of brown eyes, and he skillfully took the tumor out. There were two continuous surgeries, twelve hours had passed. There was no trace of tiredness in his eyes, which was still breathtaking.

Austin finished the operation perfectly and moved his sore neck. He nodded to the crowd as a sign that the surgery was over.

The nurse felt excited because this is the first time she worked with him in the operation. She looked at Austin with admiration.

"Dr. Austin, you are so handsome! I can't believe that you can perform such a complicated operation without any difficulty, and you've been working nonstop. You're awesome! "

Assistant Lucy Liu wiped the sweat off his forehead and he shook his head. Every time the new nurses came, they would admire him. He had been accustomed to it.

"Of course. Dr. Austin is also called 'ghostly hand'."

"Well, stop gossiping here. The patient is not in a good condition now. He needs to be transferred to the ICU and be looked after carefully. Don't cause any trouble. "

He took off his gloves and threw them aside. A hint of pain flashed through his eyes. If he was not too weak, how could he let her fall into the hands of that man?

Austin took a deep breath and left the operating room, leaving the frightened crowd behind.

Hester's smile was flashing through his mind when he sat on the bench dejectedly. He had been back for two months. He wondered how she was going.

That incident had made him realize the difference between him and Terence. He had been concentrating on his study. Since he couldn't sleep the whole night, he decided to carry out an operation.

The former sunny Austin had died, and now the one alive was the stronger Austin. He wanted to stand above that man's head.

"Austin, did you just ha

ke you to see Mr. Lay."

"Melody is very weak and she must be very tired in the travel. So we are not going to visit Mr. Lay today."

Terence glanced at that man coldly. Terence stopped and looked at that man.

"We have booked a hotel ourselves. Please don't bother. I'll pay Mr. Lay a visit tomorrow! "

Looking at their backs, the man felt like weeping but had no tears. It was Mr. Lay who asked him to wait for so long. He asked him to take them directly to the company. How could he explain this situation!

In particular, Mr. Terence was cold, hard and dominant. How dare he say something rebellious!

"Redo it according to the marks. Don't let me decline it again. Otherwise, you can just hand in your resignation letter directly!"

He threw the document in his hand to his assistant. He had clearly said that the conditions should be improved a little harsher. Why did he still act like that.

"Yes! Boss! "

With solemn expression on his face, the assistant took the document and followed him with his head down respectfully. The assistant took a deep breath. She felt Mr. Terence was capricious and made people caught off guard!

"What? Is there anything wrong with the cooperation plan? "

Melody frowned and asked. Mr. Lay is overdoing it. He was sure to get angry according to his temper.

"Now that he ignored our cooperation with sincerity, we should not let him off this time!"

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