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   Chapter 110 Going on a business trip together

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He responded without thinking. With his eyebrows cocked, he didn't correct it. Although what happened between him and Melody was not true, the outsiders thought it was true.

Hester was easy to at thoughts. In order to avoid suspicion, he should not say one more word. Anyway, he was going to work, and he didn't want to complicate the matter.

She breathed a sigh of relief and bowed her head to eat. She didn't believe there was nothing between them after Melody answered Terence's phone last time.

Although they had married, she was a deaf woman in the eyes of outsiders who didn't deserve him. Melody was beautiful, from a rich family and could help with his career, which had become a dead end in her heart.

At night, Terence was playing with his mobile phone. Hester's words echoed in his mind, causing him to ponder over it. His fingers lightly tapped on the table. His affair with Melody was really so convincing.

On the other side, Aron's eyes twined around Cherry. His fingers frivolously wandered around her sensitive area. The gesture was lazy, but it was a fatal temptation.

When he touched her chest, she looked at him passionately. They hadn't seen each other for some days and missed each other a little, "Well, isn't it a kind of waste to wait?"

He put forth a little strength and confined her to his chest. When he was about to take the next step, the bell broke in. The corner of his mouth twitched. He saw the caller ID and felt a little headache.

"Are you my nemesis?"

He pushed Cherry away and walked to the window to cool down with the cool wind. If it happened a few more times, he would never have sex with her in the rest of his life!

"Do me a favor!"

He leaned against the wall lazily, knowing that he must have interrupted him. Terence glanced at his watch and found it was just seven o'clock?

"Spit it out! Did Miss Hester run away with whom? "

The woman's eyes flashed. She sighed and thought that she might have been drugged. How could he care about the woman of his friend too? It's definitely that Hester's condition was too much recently, which made him nervous.

"Do you really want her to run away with someone?"

A gloomy voic

directly tomorrow? "

If she got the right answer, she would stop pestering him. After all, they had been together before. She naturally knew what kind of woman he hated. Being entangled with someone was not a wise thing. What she needed to do was sometimes be instant and sometimes be closer to him.

Terence said goodbye to Hester the next day and went out the house. With a wink, Terence saw a black car in the corner.

The corners of his mouth twitched violently, and he thought that Aron was really getting more and more exaggerated. Was it because of his words?

The plane took off slowly. Terence carefully read the proposal in his hand, which was rearranged by his secretary last night. The previous plan is a bit changed. 'Mr. Lay, I can't let you off lightly.' thought Terence.

"There are a lot of good stuff in the B city. Bring some to Miss Hester when you go back! She's pregnant. She might like it. "

When Melody glanced at the man who was working hard, a touch of gloom flashed through her eyes.

Since they met, he had been focused on the documents in his hands. Although she knew that he had made great efforts to handle the case of Mr. Lay, she was distressed to handle it fair.

"It's up to you!"

His eyebrows raised, 'after the transformation, it seemed like the old fox would not lose much.' He drew a few lines at random and wanted to modify them after getting off the plane!

He didn't pay any attention to what she said just now.

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