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   Chapter 109 A peaceful life

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Hester was in a better mood, for he accompanied her to go for a walk now and then. She opened her locked heart and became cheerful.

Sitting in front of the mirror and looking at the woman with a smile in her eyes, she was a little surprised. Her hands were on her cheeks, and her eyes were filled with faint happiness.

"Is that how I am now?"

It was said that women would bloom with bright flowers as long as they were in love. She thought she had already had love, but she didn't expect the real interaction of love to be like this.

Tapping his fingers gently on the table, he looked gentle. Her complexion looked better as he had been leading a regular life these days.

"Mr. Lay Li has gotten some new information. He invites us to have a negotiation with him!"

With her eyes fluttering slightly and a smile on her lips, Melody stood still in front of Terence. 'Mr. Lay is a sly fox in the business field. He is active now.'

"Wow, Mr. Lay, he is really well-informed!"

She smiled softly, and Terence leaned on the sofa lazily. That cunning old fox was only interested in Qi group and Si family's power and influence.

The financial resources and power of the two families were clear in his eyes. If he could still consider the cooperation problems, he couldn't have laughed so long in the business field.

"It's a few more fast than I expected! An old fox will also stun. "

"Then when will you leave?"

She didn't like that kind of man, but the thought of going on a business trip with Terence was enough to make it up. She didn't know if it was her illusion that there's something less between them than before.

Was it because she was too sensitive? So she felt that they are not that close?

"I'll arrange the affairs of Tong Han, and then we'll go! The old fox has been hung up for so long. It's time to let him wait. "

The smile on her face paused. Seeing that Terence lowered his head, Melody felt her heart missed a beat. Since when did he care about that woman in his mind?

"I've signed the contract. Have a look! If there is nothing else, you can go back first! "

He took out one of the many documents and handed it to her.

"I'm going to get off work soon. Let's have dinner together!"

He stopped rea

rn. Since there was someone willing to cooperate with her, why not!

She just felt a little uncomfortable when thinking of that she was Terence's ex-girlfriend. She tried her best to raise her attitude and intended to depress her in words.

"You are back."

She stood in front of the villa and saw the car in the distance. Hester was smiling, and she was very happy.

She had wanted to wait for him to go home by standing here, but she was afraid that he would be unhappy when he saw her. If it weren't for the tension between them, she wouldn't have had the guts to do so.

The car window was rolled down. There was a gloomy face. This woman's face was pale. It was pointless to do these pointless things as her body was not in a good condition.

"You are not in good health. Don't stand for long. Go back!"

"Okay!" She was a little depressed. It turned out that it was not her fault!

Hester had made some home-made dishes. After placing them on the table, she sat down beside and waited for Terence to start.

"I'll go on a business trip a few days later. Lisa will take care of you. If anything happens, just call me. I'll arrange for someone to take care of it. "

Although the business trip was not in a hurry, he still needed to make a plan. Hester had been out of line these days. He had to make a thorough plan!

"Well, are you alone?"

Hester's expression changed at the thought of the report. Although she tried her best to avoid it, she could not help thinking too much.

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