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   Chapter 108 Sleeping in the same bed

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As soon as she came to him, she was pulled by a strong force and fell into his arms. The sound of the hair dryer near her ear was so warm and comfortable.

Being in the state of being anxious for a long time, listening to the sound of whistling, he slowly closed his eyes, and his thoughts gradually drifted away.

Turning off the hair dryer, Terence felt that the wind was still blowing. He took a deep breath and wanted to let go of Hester.

Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her face. She frowned and didn't sleep well. Looking at the sleeping face of Hester, his temples hurt slightly.

The morning sun shone through the curtains and jumped on people's face. Her eyelashes quivered slightly, and her head moved restlessly. She found a comfortable position and fell asleep again.

As usual, Terence woke up first with his biological clock, glancing around the strange house silently. Looking at the petite figure at the crook of his arm, he frowned slightly.

He supported her head with his hands slowly and gave up when he saw her frowning eyebrows.

Lying on the bed helplessly, he felt her approaching. She breathed deeply and her even breathing was sprayed on his neck. The temperature was a little high.

In the villa, Terence had already gone to work. Hester was sitting at the dining table with a dull look, drinking the milk in her hand quietly.

When she woke up in the morning, she found that it was Terence's face, which was so shocking that her brain couldn't work at that moment.

She looked at him getting out of bed elegantly, his dark eyes falling on her, and her heart beat faster.

"Time to get up."

Hester's face was red. She stood up and ran into the bathroom, not daring to come out.

Because of her, Terence was late today. The servants came to clean it in disbelief. He had been in the company's office at this time and went through numerous documents.

"Why did we sleep like this?"

She murmured, looking at an empty plate beside her. How could she have breakfast together with him? Was that true?

"Miss Hester, si

minute. I'm going to change my clothes."

When Hester was ready, he walked with her. Keeping a proper distance from him, Hester carefully observed the expression on his face for fear of provoking him again.

Her frozen heart gradually came back to life. Her eyelids drooped slightly and the corners of her mouth rose involuntarily. She put her hands on her raised belly and took a deep breath.

She had been waiting for him to change his mind. Maybe, this time she finally did? Nevertheless, after taking so many turns, she was still waiting for him.

"Are you tired?"

He didn't hear any footsteps behind him, so he turned around and saw her standing there. Terence's heart moved. Yes, she was pregnant now, so it was easy for her to get tired.

"Let's sit there for a while."

Without getting her answer, he made the decision. There was a small garden around and a chair for people to rest.


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She hadn't been out for a long time since her last escape. Even though Lisa told her that she was free, she never went out.

The air was filled with a faint fragrance of flowers. Birds flew through the woods, and chirped, coming forward with the scent of nature.

Beside her was her beloved one, in her belly was their child. Hester thought that everything was so beautiful and she was the happiest woman in the world.

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