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   Chapter 107 An Irresistible Heartache

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Although he knew that she had been staying in the nanny's room, it was the first time he had come here. In this small space, the atmosphere was so quiet, as if she had made him feel gentle and obedient.

She could only be seen from a dim light under the dim lamp. Her little body curled up in the light, looking so helpless and lonely.

His heart missed a beat and he could hardly breathe. Clenching his fists, Terence took a deep breath. He told himself not to be angry, or else he would frighten her.

Hester turned around at the sudden light. Her eyes narrowed at Terence, at a loss.

He stood against the light, like an emperor who was take a personal expedition. There was an air of sharpness and coldness from him.

Seeing Hester's eyes which were full of affection and affection. Terence froze in place with the strange sentiment growing stealthily, which caught him off guard and made him a little embarrassed.

"Am I hungry for a long time that have an illusion?"

She buried her head in her knees and murmured in a helpless voice.

Unable to restrain the pain in his heart, Terence walked quickly to her. He held her shoulder tightly, so that she could face him.

"Since you dared to run away with Austin, you should be prepared to bear my anger! Don't put on a desperate show here. Or are you upset because you didn't get the chance to elope? "

She blinked her eyes in confusion, hoping to see the shape of his mouth clearly. Hester's body was cold. Under the dim lamp, she could only see Terence's behavior.

He raised his hand to turn on the light. The light went out suddenly, which hurt his eyes. All the decorations in the room were shown in front of the eyes of Terence. His eyes darkened.

The color under Hester's eyes became bluish and her face was sunken. Obviously, she was suffering from malnutrition.

Her hair was tied behind her back in a mess, losing its usual luster. The wide maternity dress covered her, making her look even thinner.

Her collarbone bulged and almost fell on the ground. If it weren't

hin. How could she not eat something?

"Don't forget that you are not alone now."

She opened her mouth and took a gulp of bird's nest soup, fearing that he would get angry. Hester had already formed a reaction. As long as Terence frowned, she was a little afraid.

Carefully observing his reaction, she smiled fawningly.

Looking at the smile at the corners of her mouth, his face softened slightly. He got another spoon of soup and put it beside her mouth. Seeing she drank it little by little, he felt relieved.

After she drank it up, the corners of Terence's mouth raised slightly. He gave it to Lisa and asked her to take it away.

"Prepare the bath water!"

Staring at Terence tightly, Hester was a little fearful. Although she loved the warmth from his body, she was not as simple as before.

"Thank you!"

Hester said, with her lips trembling. They just kept silent. Although she was unable to hear his voice, he was different. He needed to find some topic to say.

Pushing her hair behind her ears, the expression on Terence's face was indescribable. When did he begin to not dislike her so much?

Hester came out of the room in her pajamas, toweling her wet hair. She looked at Terence, who was still sitting in her room, anxiously.

That was not the way they got along with each other. Why did she feel something wrong?

"Come here!"

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