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   Chapter 105 Cooperation!

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"Mr. Nelson! I think there must be some misunderstanding. Miss Yam and I will go out first. You can have a chat with Terence! Miss Yam is emotionally unstable. I can also comfort her! "

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Melody cast a meaningful glance at Terence. Then she held Yam's arm and left the office. Feeling Yam's resistance, she gripped her harder.

"If you still want to have a future with Terence, just come out with me!"

Hearing Melody's warning, Yam loosened her strength to struggle. She looked at Melody quietly and thought for a while. Then she just followed her.

"Uncle, please sit down!"

Before the door was closed, Yam heard it and felt relieved. As long as the tension could be eased, everything would be all right.

She shook off Melody's hands, making no secret of her dislike. She was playing with fire!

Melody lowered her eyes and looked at her hand that had been shaken off. Instead of getting angry, she laughed.

"Miss Yam, since you are a smart girl, I will come straight to the point. What you thought were right. I do like Terence, but I can compete with you fairly! "

With a mocking smile, Yam glanced at Melody scornfully. 'As long as Terence's attitude eased, she would be his wife naturally.'

"Are you kidding me? Terence is mine. Why should I compete with you fairly? Don't even think about it!"

"Don't be so overconfident. Miss Yam, I'm afraid that you might have forgotten that I'm not the only one who is involved in your relationship with Terence. There is a Hester who is pregnant. It is most likely that she is the winner. "

Melody tilted her head and blinked her innocent eyes.

"Hester is only pregnant with Terence's child. As long as she loses her baby, she is nothing."

Speaking of Hester, Yam looked ferocious. A disabled woman dared to dream about winning that position. She was really overreacting.

Yam had suffered a lot since the last time she calculated her baby, so she dared not act rashly.

Of course, she wanted to teach Hester a lesson, but she could do nothing,

Now, let's vote for it!"

At the beginning of this tense voting, Ramona's face turned pale. With the support of the Si family and the Ning family, the situation could not be reversed. But she still hoped she could save it by luck.

She had prepared for this meeting of shareholders for so long, and she couldn't just let them beat her casually. It's not the final moment yet. Who knows who will be the final winner!

"Mom! Don't worry! " Mike put his hand on the back of her hand and felt the coldness.

"Don't worry!"

No matter how anxious she was, she had to fight for the best interests of her son. Ramona patted him on the back of his hand to reassure him.

The big conference room was silent and weird as the shareholders had vote on one after another. All eyes were on a vote box, holding their breath.

Finally, the last ticket was settled. At that moment, Ramona felt as if someone was strangling her neck and breathing quickly. She stared at the box as if she wanted to see through it.

The staff read the names on the tickets one by one. His words were like a knife stabbing, so powerful that made everybody stressed.



Their names crossed one after the other, making it hard to tell who the person was. The last paper was taken out. The onlookers heaved a sigh of relief, and their hearts were once again hanging in the air.

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