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   Chapter 104 Yam equaled bitch

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Ramona was quickly taken out. The people who supported her before were all trying their best to lower their sense of existence.

"Mr. Tomas, it seems that you have something to say. You didn't have a chance to speak just now. Why don't you say it now to all of us?"

He had such a charming smile, but it just made people feel chilly.

The middle-aged man, so-called Mr. Tomas, didn't even dare to look into Terence's eyes. He turned to the people around him for help subconsciously, but they were too late to protect themselves. How could they have extra energy to plead for help?

"Since all the shareholders have come, I'm sorry to tell you that today's meeting has to be over by myself, although it's not started by me."

Terence stood there, as if nothing could shake him

He glanced at them one by one, and a sneer appeared on his face.

However, it was not the best time. Terence had to wait.

But he was patient enough.

Three hours had passed since they left the meeting room.

They looked as if they had just fought a desperate battle, and were exhausted, but the result was not what they wanted.

It's called 'knocking out your teeth and swallowing them in your stomach'.

He enjoyed seeing them swallow.

Since you have the guts to covet the Qi group, you should be prepared to bear all the consequences.

In the CEO office.

"Thank you for what you did today."

But for Melody's help, things wouldn't have been settled so easily.

Melody smiled and finally her shadow began to appear in his eyes.

"Why do we need to say thank you that I am so distant from you?" Said Melody half-jokingly.

Terence acted as if he hadn't sensed her curiosity. He changed the subject and mentioned the cooperation plan again.

She knew it.

Melody smiled bitterly in her heart. Whatever, she was more helpful than that woman to Terence.

"Among those big bosses who came with me today, two of them once wanted to cooperate with Qi group, b

ver had this daughter. Now everyone in the company knew that she couldn't get a boyfriend even if she was so proactive, which made the Ning family humiliated.

Yam shook her head crazily, "No, I won't go! I want to be with him. He loves me. "

From which eye?

Melody really wanted to ask whether she was blind.

Yam choked with sobs. Her father wanted to take her out of the office, but she refused to leave no matter what.

She looked into Terence's eyes and implored, "You will marry me, won't you?"

Yam's father had never expected that Yam could love Terence so much that she almost be mad. Yam was the apple of his eye. She even fell to this point because of a man.

On the one hand, Yam's father was regretful that his daughter did not live up to his expectations. On the other hand, he was determined not to keep Terence smug for too long. He was going to watch him fall from the top.

"What are you waiting for? Don't you feel ashamed enough? " Yam's father, Nelson, whispered in her ear, with a warning in his tone. He gripped her arm more tightly, in order to make her wake up.

"We'll see what we can do later."

He would never let his daughter suffer such humiliation. He would get even with him sooner or later.

Treat him in the same way.

His child would be born soon, wouldn't he?

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