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   Chapter 103 Melody, a capable assistant

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Mr. Tomas and other shareholders exchanged a glance. Don't blame them for their unkindness since Terence was such a heartless man.

Every man was born for his own interest!

"Mr. Terence, where did you get these materials? They forged some false evidence to frame us. Do you think we don't know that? "

That was to say, this kind of person was too stubborn to admit his mistakes.

Did they really think he was so young that he could be easily bullied?

"Qi family is the largest shareholder. But as a junior, it's too presumptuous of you to look down on us."

With those who had started, those who had just been immersed in fear had all revived. They all blamed Terence one after another.

Seeing this, Yam's father smiled viciously. He'd like to see how he could cope with more than a dozen shareholders' unfaithfulness.

It was not difficult for him to have something on them, but he was too young to expose all his trump cards in such a short time.

In this way, these old foxes quickly united against each other. And the one who was going to be attacked would only be Terence.

Yam's father had predicted that Terence had to turn to him for help, so that he could acquire the whole Qi group.

A sneer hung on the corners of Terence's mouth. His eyes were fixed on Mr. Tomas who took the lead.

Mr. Tomas couldn't help shivering, as if he was under a ferocious beast's stare. A shiver ran down his spine, and his animal instinct was threatening.

'You think I'm outnumbered?'

But in front of him, they were just like ants that they could only look up to.

"What Terence did has nothing to do with Qi family. He was getting his own way and dragging the company down."

Ramona was eager to trample him under her feet so that he would be unable to turn his life over for the rest of his life.

'Like mother, like son.'

Finally, he understood what this sentence meant.

It was just so disgusting to see her swing.

"Mr. Terence, for the sake of Qi family, we will call you that. Young people should never be insatiable."


inside Qi group. I'm afraid it's improper for you to show up here alone."

How could they be intimidated by an outsider? What else could they do!

"Who said she was an outsider?"

Terence held her in his arms. They looked intimate, but only the two of them knew that they were just using each other.

'But it's a long time. I have plenty of ways to make him only care about me.'

Hearing his steady heartbeat, Melody blushed and looked up.

Women's intuition was not deceiving her, while Terence was just putting on a show.

Why on earth couldn't she compete with that woman!

A hint of envy flashed through Melody's eyes.

But she could wait, she could do it better and better, and let Terence see clearly who was the woman deserved him.

Yam's father's face was as dark as the under surface of a pan. Obviously, he had made a trap for them!

He really underestimated him!

"Do you have anything else to say? If not, let the security in and take those irrelevant people out! "

As for who was irrelevant, it seemed that Ramona knew herself well enough.

After a while, the security came in and moved automatically to the side of Ramona and lifted her up.

"I am the legitimate Mr. Qi's wife, how dare you do this to me, I will not let you go."

Pressing his lips together, Terence said scornfully, "Fine. I'd like to see what you will do to me."

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