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   Chapter 101 Disappointment

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The sound of the lock waking Hester, who had not been able to sleep tight. She was dragging her tired body to look at man, and the light in her eyes instantly dimmed.

She really didn't want to see him? She even insisted on doing the prenatal checkups alone!

Upon seeing that, the good mood he had been in the summit was all gone. Fixing her eyes at Hester with a cold look, he asked, "What's wrong? Are you disappointed to see me? Then who do you want to see, Austin? "

Hester had no strength to explain anything to him. Not to mention that he was right. She didn't want to see him for even a second!

But as a tool, she had to know her place.

Every time he saw her like this, he was pissed off, as if blaming him for bullying her.

He had given her so many chances, but she didn't cherish them!

"Dong, Dong, Dong..."

Lisa pushed the door open with several soup pots in her hands. Hester had asked her to give them to her before.

"What are these?" With his brows knitted, the pungent odor filled his nose.

"The doctor said that Miss Hester needs more nutrition, and these soup is the doctor's advice."

Lisa was still afraid of what Terence had said. She was afraid that he would get her out of here, so she said carefully.

How is she now?

"Does it really work?"

It was obvious that he was caring about her, but it sounded like he was ridiculing Hester at the expense of food.

She was trying hard to sit up and show no weakness in front of him. But what he said was like a sharp sword stabbing into her chest and then watching her die in pain the next second!

"Lisa, bring them to me,"

She could bear that Terence treated her as a plaything, but she would never allow her child to be hurt.

But in just a few days, the child's biological father wished to throw him out of this world!

Hearing her weak voice, Terence didn't know what to do. Her pale face reminded him of her coma. He didn't want to experie

nfidence. There was a triumphant smile on her face.

"No need to be so courteous, Mrs. Ramona? Just say it. "

They talked in such a familiar tone, as if they had known each other for a long time. The two of them looked at each other and smiled at each other.

"As you know, since Terence operated the company, although the performance hasn't fallen down, we don't have much room for development. If it continues to go on like this, our company will soon be eliminated by the industry. What do you think?"

Ramona said it in a lofty manner and was well prepared. Nobody knew from where she got the company's financial statements that the number in it was not optimistic.

"I don't think Terence is qualified to be the president of the company. He is not capable."

Moreover, the existence of Terence made the company's top managers unable to gain any profit from him. Therefore, the appearance of Ramona was just what they hoped for. Not only could they get rid of the barrier, but also was beneficial to their own business. Why not?

Half of the senior leaders in the company had received the benefits promised by Ramona. According to the company's rules, the plan with more than two third of the members of the board could be passed. If only three more people raised their hands, everything would be fine.

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