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   Chapter 100 Dispensable chess pieces

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6236

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Terence knew that he had no choice. He had a relationship with Melody, a boyfriend and girlfriend, and even was about to get engaged. And by refusing, it was more like a slap on the face.

The lights were shaking. The beautiful melody was played by the saxophone.

She spun and jumped. The world where the figures were rocked was unusually quiet in the world of Terence.

It was like Hester and him in the world. Her clear, innocent eyes and her delicate body were dancing beside him, affectionately looking at him.

Terence didn't notice the trace of sanity in Melody's eyes. She stared at his eyes, as if she wanted to see another existence through his world.


The woman's voice was heard. As a result of sprain, Melody seized the opportunity to fall into the arms of Terence, from which her shoulder straps slipped down, revealing her pure back and soft chest.

Terence frowned and held up Melody, helping her to put on the shoulder belt.

"I'm sorry, Terence."

Said Melody.

Terence didn't say anything. His silence made Melody feel like she had been exposed.

It seemed to be a complete refusal, which made her feel desperate.

The flashlight came out inappropriately, and the idle reporters shuddered at the sight of Terence's cold eyes.

When she was drunk, she almost clung to him. But he was still so cold and indifferent.

As she couldn't feel his movement, Melody gritted her teeth. She fell in his arms, holding him, and rubbing his body against hers.

Upon noticing this, Terence frowned and said, "Melody, you are drunk."

She didn't say anything. She just fell asleep in his arms.

Terence had to carry her to the sofa in the rest area and then went to the bathroom. He dialed Lisa's number and asked her about Hester's condition. Knowing that she had gone to bed. He was finally relieved.


dy looked at the phone in her hand. If she guessed right, this must be the phone he left here yesterday, after the fact that Terence took care of her.

She took the advantage.

Melody sneered. She didn't know who she was mocking. She moved her fingers quickly, clicked in the call log and pressed the delete button.

I'm sorry, Hester. I don't want anyone to step in our world.

Inside the mansion, the doctor frowned and asked, "Why, have you got a hurt recently? The situation is not so good. You must pay attention not to do strenuous exercise. At this stage, you can't make sex. "

"Besides, haven't you had a good rest? Pregnant women need more sleep, understand? "

Hester nodded, his heart aching.

She felt bitter. She could still remember the crazy night.

Overbearing and irritable, this man had showed all his negative emotions, even though he understood that such an impulse would cause him to lose something.

This was despair, a pain that would break the heart and leave Hester at a loss for breath.

In her mind, Melody's face, who was sleepy and with disheveled hair, even if she was not smart enough, she could understand the story behind.

It turned out that she was just a dispensable chess piece.

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