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   Chapter 99 The ugly duckling and the swan

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"What's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? Don't just stand here. Sit down. "

Asked Melody, concernedly.

But her concern was like a knife, stabbing at the vital parts of Hester.

She didn't need her care at all!

Anyone can do it except her!

Hester had already sat on the sofa before she came over.

"I'm fine."

Lisa touched her forehead, not feeling hot. Then she heaved a sigh of relief.

Did Melody do it on purpose or just by accident?

She didn't know, but she was more willing to believe in Melody. She was a person with noble temperament, which was incomparable to the ugly duckling like Hester.

Melody was still standing there, waiting for Hester to make her decision. Hester closed her eyes, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Please go and take it yourself, Miss Melody."

She knew that she was still at a disadvantage.

In front of Melody, she seemed to be so vulgar, gaunt and weak.

"Oh... Okay! "

Melody wanted to say something. After all...

Forget it.

"Are you really fine?"

Hester bit her lips and said, "I'm fine!"

"I know a good doctor. Let me call him! "

Said Melody as she took out her phone.

"No, it's not necessary!"

Hester refused stubbornly.

The husky and trembling voice was full of power unexpectedly.

Melody was stunned by her words. She had to give up and went to the study.

No one saw the ridicule hidden in her eyebrows. She opened the door of the study and walked in.

Hester looked at her and couldn't help crying.

After taking the documents, Melody didn't intend to stay. She simply returned to the company and transferred the document.

"Terence, here's the file you want."

"Okay, put it over there."

Said Terence, bending over to read the document.

"Terence, I saw Hester. She seems very weak. Do you seldom care about her?" Asked Melody tentatively.

Terence paused.

'Sure enough, he still cared about her! He still loves her!'

Melody secretly clenched her fists.

Hester wa

outstanding enough to attend any occasions.

As a matter of fact, Melody could help. She appeared in the company when Terence was socializing with many CEOs. And she had established the friendly relationship with them. With her noble and elegant character, smart and humorous words, she attracted the attention of many CEOs of the enterprises.

It was a good sign, after all, the two families would soon be connected with each other in the eyes of the public.

A soft Saxophone rang. Then the ball began.

"I heard that Mr. Terence is a good dancer. Why not have one with Miss Melody?"

Terence made an excuse, "Mr. Tom, it's quiet over there. Let's go on talking about cooperation."

"Don't be in a hurry. The summit will be held for many days. It's time for the ball. Let's relax."

"Yes, Mr. Terence. If you don't jump, I will jump with Melody."

"Melody is drunk. She can't jump."

"I'm not drunk. I'm sober!"

Melody was drunk and looked at him gently.

A fat and bulky boss came up to Melody and suggested, "If you don't get drunk, everyone will get drunk. If you don't mind, how about dancing with me and having a drink together?"

"Go to hell, if you small fellow dance with Miss Melody. Isn't that spinning the top? "

The crowd burst into laughter.

"Mr. Terence, dance!"

Melody had prepared on the stage.

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