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   Chapter 98 In despair in the end

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Looking at the little woman in bed, the light of the bedside lamp lit up her little face.

Hester's eyebrows relaxed, and a happy smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, perhaps due to the fever had been gone.

Hester had never given him such a smile.

Though Terence had no idea what she had dreamed of, he knew that his heart sank.

After a long time, the sun went through the window and drew light and darkness in this small room.

The sleepless night with his eyes turning bluish, Terence took a deep look at the sleeping woman, and finally left the room.

"Mr. Terence, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."

Lisa replied with her head bowed vigorously.


His eyes were as sharp as eagles and his voice was as sharp as a knife.

"Yes, Mr. Terence!"

Lisa replied with trepidation. She raised her head, took a glance at him, and then lowered her head again. She rubbed her clothes nervously.

"Keep an eye on her. Report everything to me!"

"Yes Mr. Terence. " Lisa replied with a sigh.

"And tell Saul to send someone to keep an eye on Austin and report to me 24 / 7!"

After a pause, he continued.


Lisa was taken aback by his words.

Lisa looked at the closed door and let out a sigh.

The clock on the wall was ticking and the alarm made a light noise.

Hester opened her eyes with exhaustion.

She sat up, bowed her head subconsciously, and gently stroked her lower abdomen with her hands.

Fortunately, the baby was still alive.

Now, the child had become her only concern. She knew she couldn't lose her baby.

She looked around and found no one else in the room. She smiled bitterly with her eyes turning red.

What was she expecting for? How could she think that man would accompany her?

Hester, you had been foolish once.

The street was crowded with people.

In the company, Terence sat in the office, spinning the pen in his hand at a rapid speed, but his thoughts were nowher

elegant and intellectual.

All these were what Hester didn't have!

As soon as she entered the door, she saw the little girl, who was thin and small. And the sparks in her eyes could not be ignored.

She smiled and reached out her hand leisurely.

"You must be Hester, Terence's wife. Nice to meet you. I'm Melody."

That kind of nobility made Hester reach out her hand irresistibly. When her fingers was about to touch the woman, she took her hand back.

She was Melody Si, I absolutely could not!

Hester straightened her body and deliberately made a strong posture. Even in Melody's eyes, it wouldn't be Hester's powerful.

"What kind of file do you need to take from here? I'll ask Lisa to fetch it for you." she said indifferently.

When she heard these words, Melody secretly took her hand back and said, "Terence asked me to go to his study to get a file. Then I'll ask Lisa to go with me."

"Study? Mr. Terence never allows us to enter his study room! "

Lisa stared at Hester and furrowed her eyebrows.

Hester's breath gasped at her words. She knew it and was even warned. But she had never expected that Melody would be the woman breaking this rule.

She tried her best not to cry, nor to quiver. But her face was still as pale as paper, and cold sweat kept falling from it.

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