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   Chapter 97 Crazy night

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These words were redemption for Hester.

It never occurred to her that the 'Redemption' was from Terence.

"Get in the car." Seeing that Hester had not responded to his request at all, he was about to lose patience. He impatiently honked the horn a few times. "I don't want to say it a third time."

Did this woman know it was raining outside?

Didn't she know how much it would do to a pregnant woman's body when she was outside in the rain?

Hester had wanted to stand still at this moment, but she knew clearly that she wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

Instead of taking the passenger seat, she opened the back door and got in.

Of course, Terence had seen through her. Did she escape from him?

'I'm not a monster. I won't eat her up! '

Hester had been half asleep. After returning to the villa, he threw her at Lisa with contempt and said, "Wash her."

Lisa woke up. As a matter of fact, she had already known the news. She was not as panic as she had imagined. "Okay, Mr. Terence." she replied.

Lisa quickly bathed Hester and changed her clothes. She also found Hester with pills to prevent her from catching a cold.

Hester felt her hands and feet weak and sore. She was lying on the bed in the room, and the soft bed made her relax more.

She didn't have the strength to think about Terence and the troubles.

Maybe this was her life, at the mercy of others.

The door had been opened without her knowledge. When she realized it, something warm and heavy pressed her down on her body.

She subconsciously tried to push away the things on her body, but she was tightly imprisoned, unable to move.

The warm breath was sprayed from the nose of the man, and sprayed on her naked skin.

She felt as

become empty.

"Hester? Hester! "

After madly retreating, the man finally knew what he had done. Hester's body temperature was surprisingly high.


He hurriedly put on a coat and covered the woman with quilt.

The quiet villa got busy again. Lisa quickly called the family doctor. Dr. Jack looked at the woman in bed and then at the man next to him. Obviously, he knew what happened.

Hester was in a dilemma.

She was nearly naked and the quilt could not cover her whole body. Some of her skin was still exposed in the air, making her white skin extraordinarily bright red.

"It's just a fever. Fortunately, you found it in time. It's not serious." "But pregnant women are delicate in health, especially girls like Miss Hester who is in poor health. She'd better have a good rest and should be restrained in some aspects. " said Dr. Jack with great care.

Except for the comatose Hester, everyone present knew the meaning behind his words.

Embarrassed, Lisa asked, "Is there anything else that we need to pay attention to? Tell me then I can take care of the patient. "

Dr. Jack nodded. He was not stupid and he knew it was enough.

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