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   Chapter 96 Walk back by herself

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Terence was so tall that Hester could only look up at him. She raised her head so that she wouldn't cry out.

She was not crazy, and she even knew exactly what she was doing from beginning to end. What she was doing was completely inconceivable for someone. But she knew she wanted to do it.

Didn't she have the right to pursue happiness?

"Mr. Terence, I'm sorry."

She had to surrender.

But it certainly wouldn't work for him.

The man who fought many battles had something to do with his strong mind. He had been able to survive for so long without shares' support, and a lot of cold-blooded reasons were also able to drive some senior shareholders into a corner.

Hester knew that her fragility was not worth mentioning in front of Terence, or at least it wouldn't be able to withstand a single blow.

"Send Dr. Austin back." Instead of answering her, Terence ordered a servant.

"Terence!" Austin subconsciously wanted to resist. In his eyes, Hester was almost broken.

It was all his fault. If he had protected Hester well, if he had been more meticulous...

"Brother Austin, let's go back." Hester said in a low voice. Although she could not see Austin's mouth, she knew that he was struggling to refuse.

She didn't want to involve Austin anymore.

"Hester..." Austin's eyes were full of worry.

Why was he so useless that he couldn't even protect Hester?

Austin was sent away at last. But both Hester and Terence didn't change their position.

Hester did not know what Terence wanted? 'Is he punishing me?' However, she didn't believe that his means were that easy.

"It seems that you are eager to divorce." Terence looked at her coldly.

Hester subconsciously covered her abdomen under the gaze of him. She had a feeling that her baby would disappear in the next second.

Terence didn't take Hester's sm


Hester closed her eyes in despair. Not knowing how long it had passed, she opened her eyes and began to walk slowly in a direction.

She walked very slowly, with every step a little frivolous.

She didn't know whether Terence would pay attention to her or not. Until the cold wind blew over her cheeks, she trembled, and even her spine was cold.

This night, it was as cold as Terence.

"Idiot." In the driver's seat, Terence looked at Hester not far away. Hester did not see him and walked alone.

'Won't this stupid woman give in?' She was a delicate woman before, but now she was acting like a hero. How dared she!

How dare you, a pregnant woman.

Terence had forgotten who had asked Hester to make it. He saw Hester shake her body and seemed to be unable to stand firmly.

Click clatter...

Thin rain poured down from the sky and hit the glass window.

Terence looked at the woman not far away, who was still walking stubbornly. He really wanted to shout abuse, didn't this woman know it was raining now? She didn't even know how to avoid the rain?

He could not stand it anymore. He stepped on the gas and rushed forward.

Hester felt that something had appeared in her sight.

"Get in the car."

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