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   Chapter 95 Flee in panic

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"Hester? Did you regret it? " Austin was stunned. Now what he was most worried about was Hester's reluctance to leave the man. He could pay for her unconditionally, but if she liked, he would do everything for her.

If she didn't want to leave that man, if she didn't want to leave...

'He doesn't deserve such a good girl.' he wondered.

"Hester, it's a critical moment. Don't be softhearted." "You know that he can't bring you happiness. You must leave here for your baby and yourself. Do you understand?"

She knew that. Hester had told herself more than once that she had to leave.

She loved him so much. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so upset when she knew that Terence hadn't come back.

But so what? In the eyes of that man, her admiration had become ridiculous.

Her own love had become a plaything.

"I know, brother Austin." Hester fiercely blinked her eyes to prevent tears from falling.

She did know, after so many years of study, her self-esteem as a woman began to slowly wake up.

She is no longer an ignorant princess in a university.

"Brother Austin, take me away."

'I'm really tired, Terence.'

Hester followed Austin into the car and he started it at once. In order to save time, Hester could feel that the speed of the car was not low, and it was exceeded the speed limit.

"Where are we going, brother Austin?" Hester asked. Although she trusted Austin and didn't think that Austin would do anything sorry to her, she still had to ask him what was needed.

"We'll go to the seaside, by ship and go abroad." According to so many days' plans, taking ship was the most effective way at present.

The Lin family had a deep root in foreign countries and most of the external communication was on the sea, so he was confident in the navigation.

Though looking down upon him, Austin had to admit that Terence was powerful an


"I won't allow you to hurt Hester." Austin retorted, narrowing his eyes.

"It seems that Mr. Garrett Lin has a bad son. He doesn't care about the family for the sake of women."

Not knowing what he meant, Austin asked, "What do you want to do?"

"You know clearly what I want to do, don't you?" "I'm not very patient, Austin." Said Terence slowly.

"Don't think that I can't do anything to you with your father's support. If you push me too hard, your father is just a decoration."

Austin's face turned pale. He knew that he was defeated.

He lost to this man thoroughly.

He had planned everything perfectly, even using some secret hands. But now, everything just fell short of success.

He knew clearly that he could not bet the Lin family.

"Brother Austin, let go of me." Hester said with tears in her eyes. "I know what I should do."


"I begged you, so I have to bear all of this." Hester said word by word. She tried her best to be sounded calm. "Brother Austin, I don't want to be a burden to you. I will go back with Mr. Terence."

'Mr. Terence, Mr. Terence. It's really harsh.' he thought.

"Go back?" "Hester, you are too naive." Terence laughed.

"You think you still have right to go back?"

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