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   Chapter 94 Hester, let's go

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Hester's body was stiff like a stone.

"Hester, come here."

The short words were like a warm current as they gathered into the sharpest sword and pierced into Hester's heart.

She couldn't even understand, why would he so gentle to her if he didn't love her?

She was not a person with great ambitions. What she hoped was only the slight tenderness.

But she knew that she should not be indecisive.

As long as she was sure that Terence was not the one who loved her, she believed that when a certain time came, he would rather give up her and their child.

It was her instinct as a mother that she must protect her child.

"Hester?" Hester had not responded yet. This had never happened before.

In his eyes, Hester's act was like a rebellious teenager. "Come here." he said.

Hester did not want to piss him off. She bit her lips and cautiously moved over.

With relief, he reached out his hand and intended to touch Hester. But she dodged him.

It was so obvious.

Hester had never treated him like this before. If it was in the past, she would have run over like a little dog wagging its tail, let alone avoiding him.

His fury finally erupted.

His wife was avoiding him?

"Hester, what do you mean?" When his anger rose, even his voice was deliberately cold.

What do you mean? What could she mean by that? She just wanted to be a mother. She just wanted to have a baby. She just wanted a normal family.

Now she didn't need her husband's love. She just wanted to have her own child.

Hester wanted to cry, but she was too stubborn to shed tears.

"Good. You've grown up." Terence's temper has not been worn away by Hester, but increased even more.

He stood up and looked down at the petite woman.

He f

the pills was very strong. After a while, Lisa and other servants fell asleep.

Hester knew that the time had come. She did not bring anything with her. After all, it was difficult for her to escape, and Austin would help her store it.

"Thank you, Lisa." Even though Lisa looked down upon her in her heart, what she had done for her was obvious to all.

Hester left the villa. The security guards who had been guarding outside were gone tonight.

She was shrouded in darkness, and for a moment she wanted to flinch. But she took a deep breath to pluck up the courage and then trotted forward.

As expected, she saw a car.


Austin stood in front of the car and was about to reach out his hands to hold her when he saw her.

Hester stopped a few steps away from him and put her hands on his arms. "Brother Austin, I'm out."

He ignored Austin's actions completely.

Austin's expression was dull, but soon became flawless, "Hester, come on. Let's go."


Even though she knew what she was going to do, Hester paused.

'Am I really leaving this time?'

She wanted to leave this place where she had no attachment to.

Then, goodbye.

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