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   Chapter 93 Hester, come here

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"Dr. Austin, do you dislike our Qi family?" "Besides, you are interested in Hester's life. Right?" asked Terence, with his eyes falling at Hester.

'Is he threatening me with Hester?' He gnashed his teeth in anger. It was said that Terence had a well-deserved reputation. Without his mother's support, he could stabilize the company and hold his shares for a period of time. That must be a very tricky approach. A hand that can beat a snake will not stop until it reaches seven inches. It is so easy for him to hold the snake.

"Since you asked, how could I refuse your invitation?" Austin put on a usual smile, but this one contained a hint of hatred, "Thank you, Sir."

Hester was at a loss, but she could still see the confrontation between the two men.

She didn't know what did Terence mean? Didn't he hate Austin most? Why...

"Okay, I'll ask Lisa to arrange it." With these words, Terence turned and left the room without even looking at Hester.

Hester looked at the place where he disappeared with a bitter smile.

"Hester?" Seeing the desolation in Hester's eyes, Austin sighed, "Such a man is not worth it."

"I know, brother Austin." Hester said softly. "I have really decided to go with you this time."

Austin nodded. He trusted Hester. Hester was his favorite woman after all.

At this moment, his phone rang. After giving Hester an apologetic look, Austin looked at the screen of the phone and walked to the window to answer the phone.

With his back against Hester, he did not let her see what he was saying.


"Austin." The middle-aged man's voice was heavy, "I have helped you get everything ready, you should know what I mean."

"Yes, I know." Looking at the clear sky out of the window, Austin said, "Whether I fail or not, I will study abroad."

"Austin, please remember this is the first time and also the last time." "For the sake of you, I will help you a

The air seemed to have solidified at this moment. Even Lisa was relieved. Hester's hand was shaking at this moment, or she wouldn't have known how long it would take.

Austin knew he didn't have the right to stay long. He left the Qi family after dinner. After leaving, Hester was about to go upstairs.


The man called her.

Hester looked at the man's slowly moving lips. She did not say anything, waiting quietly for the man to continue.

What would it be?

'Hester, what is the relationship between you and Austin?

Hester, why would you do this?

Hester, you are disgusting.'

Hester wouldn't dare to imagine it.

Her feet were as heavy as lead, and for a moment, she thought of a lot.

She thought of the report she saw on the magazine, and thought of the news on TV.

She thought of all the indifference from Terence and the woman whom she would never be able to compete with.

If it weren't for Austin's appearance and his help, she might have been rotten in this villa?

"Hester." Terence also looked at her. It was the first time of today, no, it was the first time of the period of time he looked at her like this. It seemed that she was the only one in his eyes.

But there was no doting in his eyes.

"Come here."

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