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   Chapter 92 Stay and have dinner with me, Dr. Austin

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 5943

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In fact, all of them know that besides that man, no one else would be able to make Hester like this.

But at the thought that the girl he treasured was so abject for other men, he felt heartbroken.

"Brother Austin, I'm fine." Hester said with uncertainty.

Austin understood her meaning and held her up. His hand naturally landed on her slender waist.

Hester was too thin. Although the food had been delicious these days, her condition was not very good, and it had caused her to be weak.

"Miss Lisa, I am going to take Hester back to her room. I hope you will not disturb us." As he spoke, he didn't notice how ambiguous his posture was with Hester.

He was ordering her to leave.

"I know you're a doctor, but I'm a servant who takes care of Miss Hester. I think I have the right to go with you." Lisa replied dejectedly.

"If you make the Hester's health worse and worse is the result of your being a servant, it seems that the Qi family is really not good." Maybe he was gentle like sunshine for Hester. But he was particularly mean to outsiders.

Especially to those were harmful to Hester.

Lisa was rendered speechless. She knew she had no choice but to watch Austin go upstairs with Hester.

Arriving at Hester's room, Austin closed the door, and Hester was weakly sitting at the head of the bed. But his appearance obviously gave her a hint of resurrection.

"Hester, you are wronged." Austin rubbed her head and said, "But don't worry. I'll take you away in three days."

"Really?" Hester's eyes were bright.

Austin nodded, "The reason why I didn't come to you these days is that I have arranged other things. Now that everything is ready, I am using the identity of doctor to come here to find you. I have thought it over. If I

g momentum filled the room, almost overwhelming Hester.

She didn't know what was going on between the two men, but she just felt something was wrong.

She intended to break the ice. "Well..."

"Have a good rest." Terence glanced at her gently, really lightly, without a second's pause.

Hester had no words at once.

"It seems that you care about Hester very much," "In this case, I don't know why she is not as healthy as before." Austin said with a snort, as he gnashed his teeth with a snort of contempt.

"I am too busy with my work to care about my family." "Now that Dr. Austin cares about Hester so much, stay and have dinner with her." said Terence flatly without regret.

She said it in a casual way and even deliberately called him a tiger with its tail. But in the eyes of Qi Jinyan, she behaved confidently and righteously.

He didn't respond, as he had no idea what was on his mind. They had previously fought in the garden in the middle of the street, and they had quarreled with each other before. Now, Terence was even able to invite him to have dinner with him without any qualms of conscience?

Austin calmed down and smiled calmly, "No need."

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