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   Chapter 90 A sweet couple

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6500

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Hester had not slept all night.

She turned over and over again. For the whole night, the words said by Terence kept resounding in her mind. "We'll divorce after you give birth to the baby."

She knew that she had something to do with it. If she had no children, she would have been abandoned by him.

Hester smiled bitterly. She stood in front of the mirror, and it reflected her gaunt face. Hester used to be happy every day, even if she was humble, weak and naive.

But now, the fact that she couldn't hide from the bottom of her heart could never be covered up.

No wonder the aged said that fortune favors fools.

Hester pushed open the door of the bedroom and walked down the stairs.

Even if she did not have any spirit, she did not change her daily schedule at home. She had thought that after this incident, Terence would not be willing to appear here. But unexpectedly, she saw the man in front of the table, Terence was not influenced by the incident at all. He was still aggressive.

He must have known that she was going downstairs, but he still didn't raise his head. When he looked at the document in his hand, he was so indifferent.

Hester knew that she had nothing to say. She pulled out the chair in silence and was about to eat breakfast when she found that Terence was looking at her.

"Hester." "What's your relationship with Austin?"

She wouldn't believe that Terence would ask her again.

However, no matter what happened, he couldn't forget what happened yesterday.

Hester did not know how to answer. She knew that she had to be honest, but Austin had been involved in this matter for her. If anything happened to Austin, wouldn't she feel guilty for a lifetime?

On the other hand, Terence had already known the truth. What else could she argue?

"I don't know." Hester bowed her head and did not pay attention to the shape of Terence's mouth anymore.

For a dumb girl, loweri

u know this?" What a female employee said caught everyone's attention. When she saw everyone staring at her, she immediately felt proud of herself. "The news was suppressed as soon as it was released. It was said to be a rumor, but I think it might be true..."

The two didn't know that the staff in the company were talking about them. When Melody closed the door, the happiness on her face had dispersed. She looked charming again.

"Terence, do you know you've got yourself into another trouble?" Melody frowned and looked at the man who didn't take it seriously. "Yesterday, the staff of the TV station took some pictures of you and your wife. We found that he had posted the news before. But the photos were not clear, so we quickly pressed the news and clarify it."

"Okay," replied Terence indifferently and walked to the desk.

"Terence, are you listening?" Melody was a little pissed off, but soon she calmed down, but Terence's indifference undoubtedly poured a bucket of cold water on her. "Well, Terence, we're almost done. Now we need to do something practical."

"Not to mention the engagement party, now we only appear together in company. I guess those reporters are ready to take actions." "You know what I mean," said Melody.

"As you say," said Aron with a snort.

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