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   Chapter 89 Let's Divorce

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That was a call.

However, it was obvious anger in the voice.

Hester did not hear the sound, but Austin heard and raise his head. He was stunned by the sudden arrival of Terence. Then he instinctively wanted to hold Hester into his arms.

It was Terence who caught her even faster.

Terence was so powerful that Hester almost fell down. Luckily, she fell directly into his arms when the man turned over on the other side.

The hug from Terence was not as warm as it used to be.

Hester came to herself and hastily escaped from his embrace. Even though she didn't hear any sound, she could feel the obvious anger of Terence. 'Did Terence hear what she said?'

"Hester, how dare are you." "You've learnt how to seduce men. How dare you elope?" Terence sneered.

'No, it's not like that...' Hester wanted to defend herself, but she found that she was unable to say anything under the Terence's gaze. She admitted that she had a guilty conscience. If she hadn't wanted to run away, how could she and Austin have ended up like this?

Terence's calm voice attracted a lot of attention from the passers-by.

"You can't make Hester happy. Let her go!" "Do you really love her? Austin shouted. If you love her, you wouldn't have... "

"Shut up!" Rebuked Terence. "How dare you speak here? Dr. Austin. "

He accentuated Dr. Austin these words.

"Are you afraid of being found out, Terence?" Austin asked, taking several deep breaths to calm himself down

"Guilty? Why should I feel guilty? Hester is pregnant with my child. " Terence gave a brittle laugh. He realized that they shouldn't quarrel with each other at present, so he grabbed Hester and wanted to take her away.

"Hester!" Subconsciously, Austin reached out and tried to grab her, but unexpectedly, Terence punched him directly on his side face.

"Brother Austin!" Hester was panicked. She wanted to run away, but was grasped tightly by Terence.

"Fuck off." "Austin, think twice

hey couldn't do it secretly, they had to grab by force.

He was banned in medical circle by Terence, so the hospital dismissed him naturally. However, with a doctorate, he was still valuable. Even if he was banned, the hospitals would still support him secretly. What's more, the resignation was just for the sake of dignity. After all, although the hospital did not dare to offend Terence, nor did it dare to offend the Lin family.

The assistant watched Austin and thought over and over again. Now, it seemed that Mr. Austin was completely fascinated by Hester. However, he really didn't know what Hester was good about. Not to mention she was other people's wife, she was pregnant with someone else's child. She didn't deserve his young master at all.

Besides, she was still deaf.

It was not that he had discriminated the disabled, but that was the society in which everyone was equal. In fact, there was a big difference between them. Just like what was now pursuing gender equality and no discrimination to homosexuality, but what was the truth? The woman who had suffered was accused to be exposed in public, and the gay marriage was still not legal.

It was unfair in this society, so was the love between Terence and Hester which was not counted as love, it was unfair too.

"Here is a new report..."

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