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   Chapter 88 Hester, Let's Go

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Cunning intention?

Hester might have felt wronged if it was before. But now, she only felt bitterly disappointed, just like a

bowl of cold water pouring her from head to foot.

She had a mind of her own and by now, she was found out by Terence.

She didn't know what this man wanted, or what he was thinking. All she wanted now was to stay away from him.

But obviously, Terence wouldn't give her the chance.

His eyes were sharp as if he was blaming a subordinate who did something wrong.

"What? Hester, have you lost your tongue? "

"No, I didn't." Hester said with a trembling voice. She did not know what she was saying. "Terence, I don't understand your words."

It might be grievance in others' eyes. But now, for Terence, her behavior was a guilty conscience.

Damn it. Terence's furious look was evident on his face. He could no longer hide his anger. It turned out that this woman wanted to escape from him so much?

Hester would have been driven out of the villa if he had not decided to give her a chance.

"Eat yourself." "You want me to take care of you?" said Terence coldly

Hester was stunned. She had thought that Terence would hate her, but now, he actually asked her to eat?

What was his attitude?

"Hester, I don't like to say it a second time." Terence continued.

Hester returned to her seat and began to eat with her head bowed. She had no courage to look at him, let alone to resist.

"Eat slowly." Facing Hester's self-abuse eating, Terence was still dissatisfied. "Are you a pig?"

Hester was absorbed in eating, so she didn't notice the shape of Terence's mouth. When she realized it, she only saw the last few words of Terence. She felt a little sad. It was true that he disliked her.

Terence felt a little impatient. Actually, he didn't want to see Hester's water-like eyes at all. In this pair of eyes, it seemed that everyone was a heinous criminal.

Including him.

Terence lost his appetit

ming of for a long time. But when this really happened in front of her, she became hesitant.

She didn't want to leave.

It seemed that there was a call in her heart, which was rooted there. Hester said roughly, "Brother Austin, I think it's not the right time. Our communication has been discovered by Terence. If we leave now, I'm afraid..."

'Leave or not?' Hester had no answer at all.

She just wanted to delay it.

"Hester, what are you thinking about?" "This is the best chance for us now. If we don't go now, it will be too late. What's more, I have arranged everything. When we leave, we will go abroad. No matter how long Terence stretched his hand, he can't hurt you. " Austin said surprisedly.

Hester was convinced by his words gradually.

But she didn't move, as if her legs were filled with lead.

"I think..."

"Hester, don't you believe me?" "Or you don't want to leave?" Austin said harshly, glaring at her

Hester felt like being stripped off and exposed in front of Austin.

'Don't want to leave? It might be true. That unbridled fondness and softness were intertwined in her heart. She couldn't even imagine the scene in which she didn't love that man and left him.

But Hester, are you going to continue to live a life that was as easy-broken as crystal?'


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