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   Chapter 86 News of Austin

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Looking at her, for a long time, Terence said, "Okay."

Hester was relieved. Even she herself did not know why she was so worried. Probably because this man's eyes were too sharp, in front of him, Hester only felt that she was unable to escape.

However, it was not like Hester had expected to go out for dinner. Terence asked Lisa to call the cook to come to his house, which gave her little hope.

As expected, Terence kept an eye on her.

Soon enough, the people of the hotel came, a chef and an assistant.

At that time, Terence's cell phone rang. "Hello?"

Whether intentionally or not, he turned his head so that Hester wouldn't be able to see what he was saying. "Okay, I'll be there at once." he said.

He hung up the phone and stood up.

Hester also raised her head to look at him. With a glance at her, he took his briefcase and said, "I'm going out."

Then he said, "Enjoy your meal."

Hester nodded. She looked so confused. She was reluctant to let him go, but no one understood her feelings.

Perhaps that's because it was from that woman?

Miss Melody, Miss Melody Si.

She was perfect.

Women's mind is always complex. When thinking of the ex-girlfriend of Terence whom Austin had mentioned to her, she couldn't help but confirm the relationship between Melody and Terence. But she would never expect that she got it right.

Hester smiled bitterly. It was this woman who had been able to make Terence so moved that he had been thrown out with a call.

Hester was jealous and envious of her.

Afraid that the chef wasn't familiar with the food, Lisa followed him into the kitchen. Hester was alone at the table. She lost her appetite at the sight of the variety of dishes in front of her.

Lisa had prepared the meal for her. Even if the hotel chef served the food, she might not be in the mood to eat.

"Miss Hester." A man walked out. It turned out to be the assistant. The assistant asked

ficient as ever, and the two people who came here were the same.

Hester and the assistant wouldn't be connected with each other because of the presence of Terence. Hester was anxious, but she didn't dare to do anything because she cared about how smart Terence was.

"I'll go to the kitchen to check." Hester said, "After all, I like the hotel's cooking very much. I want to learn a few cooking skills by the way."

Without saying anything, Terence pretended to get up.

Hester was afraid that he would follow, so he quickly said, "No, you stay here. Lisa is also in the kitchen. I'm not afraid that something bad might happen. "

Glancing at her, he said, "Okay."

Hester was relieved and entered the kitchen.

There were cook, assistant and Lisa in the kitchen. They were busy cooking. Hester entered the room and walked at the assistant's side when Lisa didn't take notice. "Do you need my help?" she asked.

She took the knife from the assistant's hand, but the latter avoided it and held her hand. "No, thanks. Miss Hester, please go to the lobby."

Lisa turned around and the assistant let go of her hand. Hester was at a loss and left the kitchen.

But she did not return to the hall, but went into the bathroom.

She turned on the tap, and her palm spread out quickly.

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