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   Chapter 84 Hester's change

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Austin stepped into the ward.

The room was very quiet. Only Hester sat on the bed alone. The TV on the opposite side of the bed was still on silent mode.

Hester was gazing at the changing screen. No one knew what was on her mind.

"Hester?" Austin knew that she couldn't hear him, so he moved over to her. When he broke into her sight, Hester's smile bloomed, adding fuel to the cold ward.

"Hi, brother Austin."

"What's wrong?" He reached out his hand to rub Hester's head. Hester was determined to see him after ringing the bell, which was enough to make him ecstatic. So he came here as soon as he got the news.

Hester's smile stopped. It seemed to have been a perfect picture.

"Nothing." Hester replied in a low voice, turning her head away.

"Hester?" 'When did Hester have such an expression?' he wondered.

Hester had sucked in the air and he saw her hands holding the quilt tightly. It seemed that she was trying hard to put a restraint on something, and her voice was full of uneasiness and sadness.

"Hi, brother Austin," Hester finally said, "I know everything."

Austin was stunned.

"I know those things. I know that Terence got engaged with another woman behind my back. I also know that in his eyes, I'm just a surrogate." Hester's voice was husky and trembling. She did not understand why the world would treat her like this?

It turned out that she was nothing in the eyes of the one she loved.

She was angry, sad, and even panicked as if she would be abandoned. Because she knew clearly that once she was thrown away, she would lose her qualification to stand here.

But soon she became quiet again.

These days of self-study made her not as simple as before. She realized that she couldn't wait for death. Terence didn't cherish this child, but as a mother, her love was so immense that she was not willing to give it u

charge of your family."

"But I can assure you that our hands and feet are very clean." Melody said, "Besides, even though the Si family's stock market is in turmoil, very few families can plot against them."

"The Si family is as opinionated as before." Terence threw his pen on the desk irritably, "What I want is not your explanation, but the result."

Melody didn't know what to say anymore.

With these words, Terence stood up and looked down at Melody, condescending and said, "Melody, at the beginning, I gave Mike to you as a condition of cooperation, but I didn't want you to make such a big loophole for me."

After hesitating for a while, Melody said, "I know."

"But what about now? Mike has been bailed out. " "But we didn't find him."

The Si family should take the responsibility.

It could even be suspected that the Si family had a chance to intervene in it.

"Are you suspecting me?" "I'm sure I didn't do it." Said Melody, knowing the hidden meaning of his words.

Obviously, Terence would fully believe her. After all, Melody had sacrificed herself for the sake of the cooperation between the two clans. And the two clans were on the same side now.

If there were someone who had intervened in it, could it be...?

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