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   Chapter 83 Love and hate

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Hester was very rare to see such a gentle Terence. He would never express his tenderness on the face, and he had a pair of eyes that were able to speak. At this moment, he felt that his eyes were like the vast ocean, enveloping everything.

This was Hester's favorite.

Noticing that she didn't say anything, he frowned strangely. He reached out his hand and covered it at her forehead. There was a thin cocoon in his finger, and when it rubbed against her skin, she had a wonderful feeling.

Her body temperature was normal.

After knowing the answer, Terence withdrew his hand.

Hester realized that she was dazzled by this man. She dodged his gaze and lowered her head, forcing herself not to look at him in the eye.

"Hester." Terence grabbed her chin with hand, she wanted to escape. But she discovered that Terence's strength was not as strong as before. Instead, he was very gentle. "Hester, watch me and speak." he said.

Hester opened her mouth, seeming to be hesitating or saying something. After a while, she said, "You can leave now."

After a pause, he loosened his grip. Instead of leaving, he just stared at her in a daze.

After a while, he took the lunch box out of the bedside table, opened it and saw the porridge steaming.

He took a spoon and scooped out a spoonful of porridge. "Are you hungry? Let's eat."

Terence blew off the white smoke and sent it to Hester's mouth.

The thick fragrance of the porridge lingered in her nose. Hester wanted to open her mouth, but she bit her lower lip and refused to eat it.

Terence was rarely persistent. As Hester retreated, he slowly approached her.

Hester was defeated in the end.

It's hard to tell whether it's because she's so hungry now or it's because of the persistence of Terence.

The warm porridge rushed into her mouth. Hester was eating the porridge with a spoon. He was now relaxed. It seemed that he was addicted to it, so he fed her food again and again.

A bowl of porridge was quickly finished. After putting down the cho

e loved.

It turned out that in his eyes, she was just a surrogacy.

I am his wife, not her!

Hester was crying desperately, and her tears could not help falling.

She felt that she couldn't deceive herself anymore. As her legitimate wife, she didn't even have the right to be public. As for Miss Melody Si, it was a reasonable thing that she played the role of a scapegoat and took the place of his lover.

In the TV, the moment they looked at each other was really affectionate.

"According to the latest report, the photo taken by a paparazzo at a coffee shop was taken of Terence and Melody. They were on a date. The two were happy and sweet, which was enough to prove that they had a good relationship."

The news was reported by two anchors, a man and a woman.

"It seems that Si family and Qi family will get married soon. They are a perfect match."

Hester's fingernails pierced into the palm of her hand.

It turned out that Terence left just to date this woman?

Her body was not as important as dating with Melody?

Since he was so gentle to her before, why did he send her to hell now?

Hester suddenly understood that Terence cut off her network in order not to let her know about this. If she hadn't seen it by chance, how long would he keep her in the dark!

Hester turned off the TV and pressed the nurse's bell.

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