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   Chapter 81 How affectionate

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The green light was on.

The still black car moved again. Terence looked ahead, but he didn't look at the woman beside him.

"Melody." He said, "I thought you were joking."

After a moment of silence, she slowly closed her eyes and put on a forced smile. "Yes, I was just kidding."

Both of them knew whether she was joking or not.

"It's late now. Let me drive you home." There was no change in his expression, as if he didn't notice the struggling of the woman.

"Hey, how cruel you are!" Melody opened her eyes and grinned wearily. "After all, we're already unmarried couples. Are you really not going to do anything to thank me?"

Subconsciously, he wanted to say that he didn't like women who went too far.

But he hesitated. He thought of Melody's sacrifice. A woman claimed that she was infertile in public even though she was in good health.

Even though it would be clear later, that would be a stain.

The words that being coming out of his mouth were swallowed, and his tone softened. "What do you want to do?"

"Do you have time tomorrow? Let's go for a date. " Melody narrowed her eyes, as if there were expectations in her eyes. "Well, I heard that it's something that a couple should do."

After a short silence, Terence said, "Okay."

Upon hearing this, Melody was finally relieved. She even wore a joyful smile.

He couldn't explain why he had agreed. He didn't love Melody as much as he used to do, and he dated her only for interests. The reason why he agreed with this extra request was that he wanted to give her some compensation.

After sending Melody home, Terence drove to the villa.

He had asked Lisa to bring Hester back, and they had cut off contact with the outside world.

He would keep the secret as long as possible.

Terence felt that he had become more complicated. Once, of course, he didn't care about Hester's idea. In his eyes, there were only interests. B

ur explanation. How can you be a skittish woman? How do you flirt with other men? Hester, I didn't expect you to be like this. " "Disgusting." Terence said meaningfully.

Hester understood every word.

Terence said she was disgusting?

The recovery of women's self-esteem made her not as simple as before, and she was not indifferent to the scolding and hitting from Terence. Hester felt that her heart was held tightly by someone, and Terence's words were like thousands of needles, stabbing her heart again and again.

Terence released her hand. Her skin was white, and now there was a bright red mark on her chin.

"Terence, can't you trust me just for once?" Hester pleaded.

"Hester, don't pretend to be innocent. I know your nature."

What kind of person was she? Hester had an impulse to spit blood. Her hands gripped the corner of her clothes, and her body was trembling desperately.

'As expected, in your eyes, I am such a shameless and shameless woman.'

Why are you so cruel to me? You even don't give me a chance to explain?

Hester's mind was gradually in turmoil. She clutched her chest, gasping for air. Pain could be faintly felt from her lower abdomen.

When Terence was about to leave, he heard a loud voice behind her. He frowned.


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