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   Chapter 79 They are engaged

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6522

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Hester was feeling suffocated.

After staying in hospital for a few days, she gradually got used to the pungent smell of disinfectant. Like a restless heart, it was gradually paralyzed and finally had no feeling at all.

"Hester?" Hester's soul was back. He got closer to her, he could see the perfect line of Hester's face. "What are you thinking about? "

Hester wasn't actually aware of what she was thinking. She answered, "That woman."

His face darkened. But luckily, she was absent-minded and did not see anything strange.

"Hester, don't you still love him?" He said slowly.

In fact, he was very clear that she didn't care about other women. Terence was her only concern.

Hester was not aware that all of her thoughts had been exposed in front of Austin. She paused and said, "No."

She couldn't even convince herself with such words.

She had been in hospital for three days, But Terence hadn't come for three days.

Only Austin stayed by her side from the beginning to the end.

Hester suddenly realized that she might be nothing in Terence's eyes. 'If he really cared about me and our baby, I'm afraid that he wouldn't disappear for three days.'

Hester used to not care about these. She simply felt it would be fine as long as being with Terence. But the more sober people were, the greedier they would be. Hester knew that she would not be as before.

"Hester, listen to me," "Do you still want to hold on after what he did to you? Don't you really know that you are nothing to him? "

Her words were harsh. Hester's body shivered. "Hester, I know you will hate me because of what I said, but you should know that in the eyes of Terence, the only value is the child..."

"Brother Austin, I hope you won't say anything more," Please...

With the passing of time, Hester could only be more and more clear about this point.

"Hester, give up." Austin bit his teeth, "How can you make sure that ther

umors will be scotched and the stock market will rise. You can refuse, but if you keep on doing that, I'm afraid that you might not be able to hold your position in the following meeting. "

"Melody." "Are you threatening me again?" Said Terence coldly.

"I'm not."

The three simple words made him close his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking, and no one knew his complex feelings.

Be engaged? There was no doubt that they were a couple after being engaged.

But he didn't forget his little wife that no one knew.

Hester's position had been changed gradually in his mind. Terence was the first one to come to the hospital to visit her after he heard that Hester had entered the hospital.

Finally, Melody understood what he meant. She called his name when he was hesitating: "Terence!"

"Enough!" Perhaps Terence was really angry. He opened his eyes, rubbed his painful eyebrows gently with his finger pulp and said, "You go to prepare for it."


"To announce our engagement."

He said.

Melody's eyes lit up. She knew clearly why she was so happy.

Within three hours, the news of their engagement was announced to the public at an unexpected speed, and occupied the headlines aggressively.

However, the situation was not as good as they had expected.

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