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   Chapter 78 The woman being dismissed

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Hester closed her eyes at once. The liquid was cold, almost piercing.

Luckily, Hester had not felt any pain. She wondered whether she should be thankful or not. She covered her face with her hand and took a few steps back. She opened her eyes in a daze and saw something in front of her.

It was a woman with causal clothes and undisguised madness on her face.

She stepped back and wiped her face. She was too slow to react in time.

"Bitch, it's all your fault!" The woman was holding a cola can, her eyes firmly staring at Hester, seemed to want to make a hole in her body with her eyesight.

Hester looked at the hand that had been covering her face. The palm and the cheek were sticky, and her palm seemed to have been wrapped in a layer of brown thick liquid.

Hester was relieved. Luckily, it was cola.

If it was sulfuric acid, she would probably be hurt.

'But this woman, she just wanted to pour sulfuric acid on me.'

"It's all your fault, you bitch! If it weren't you, I wouldn't end up like this!" The woman raised her hand and threw the cola can onto Hester's shoulder. "You will kill Terence sooner or later."

Terence's name seemed to be thorns in Hester's heart. Hester said under her breath, "What did you say?"

"What did I say? Don't you know what I mean? " The woman sneered, her face full of ferocity, which was very incompatible with her beautiful face. "A bitch like you, why don't you die early?"

The woman became more and more excited. It was not enough for her to abuse Hester verbally. She walked forward and reached out her hand to push her.

Hester had been lack of energy because of shopping, and she was pregnant, and the woman's movements were too fast. She was pushed to the ground before she could react.

Hester gasped with pain. Her spine hit a wall aside, causing her to tremble with pain.

What the hell was this crazy woman talking

Since Terence and Hester quarreled last time, Terence felt that Hester was depressed, so he no longer restricted Hester's freedom of movements. Otherwise, she would not have the chance to go out.

But Lisa didn't expect that this kind of thing happened when Hester went out for the first time being in the company of her.

She clearly remembered the grim look on Terence's face when he came to visit her.

"Thank you for taking care of Miss Hester." Lisa replied with a slight bow, "I got to go."

"Wait!" "Why did you call her Miss Hester?" He asked.

Lisa didn't get it and asked, "What?"

"Hester is the wife of Terence. Aren't you supposed to call her Mrs.?" "Or he didn't admit Hester?"

In fact, he had guessed it before. If Terence really had admitted that Hester was his wife, the news would not be broken out of him and Melody now.

"Dr. Austin, this is not your concern." "I know that you are worried about Miss Hester. But her family matter is none of your business." she continued.

Lisa was telling the truth. If he asked this, others might gossip about them.

Lisa was a clever woman and she knew what he was thinking.

So as Terence.

All of a sudden, he felt so helpless that the whole world knew he loved her.

Except you.

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