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   Chapter 77 Love was equal

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"Hi, brother Austin."

Austin was in a daze for a moment when he heard the woman's soft voice. He even inexplicably developed the illusion that she was in front of him.

"Hester? What's wrong? "

Hester looked at Austin through the video and couldn't help feeling sad. But she held back her tears. Otherwise, she would be very embarrassed. "Brother Austin, are you all right in the hospital?"

"It's all right now. Thank you for your help, or I will be really dismissed." Replied Austin. He saw Hester's expression collapsed by accident, with a faint sign of collapse. "What's wrong?"

"It's okay as long as you are fine." Hester smiled. She was very clear that if it weren't for her, Austin wouldn't have had the risk of being dismissed. Since his medical skills and talent were outstanding, he had great potential in the hospital. It was funny that Austin always had ups and downs after he met Hester.


"It's okay. You have potential and will be a promising young man." Hester said with a smile.

He could not see what was wrong with Hester. Who else could make Hester so bitter except for that damn man?

"Hester, did he do something else to you again?" Austin asked knowingly.

He was not like Hester who would not listen to anything outside. The news that the Qi family and Si family had joined hands was known to all over the city. Austin was worried that she would not be able to bear the blow.

Hester shook her head and replied, "No. He's been very busy recently, so he hasn't had the time to visit me."

Hester said, dejected.

Hester would never lie to him, and she didn't seem to know that. Austin didn't know whether he should be bitter or relieved. She didn't want Hester to be hurt. But if Terence was still lying to her, wouldn't he lose his chance this year?

However, he still didn't want his beloved girl to be heartbroken.

"Hester..." Austin said bitterl

at all. She looked like a teenager.

Lisa and Hester headed towards a shopping mall.

Hester was usually not allowed to go out, and was also very strange to the mall. Lisa, however, came upstairs easily.

The woman was born with a kind of purchasing factors. A variety of goods aroused Hester's desire to buy. With Lisa's crazy shopping, they bought many bags in less than an hour.

"Miss Hester, why don't you wait for us here?" Lisa asked the chauffeur to take those Hester's things and said, "The chauffeur and I will send them to the car first. Wait for us here."

Since they were standing near the entrance of the parking lot and few people were around, it was relatively safe for them.

Considering that she was pregnant and lacked of physical strength, Hester nodded.

Lisa and the chauffeur left with a heap of things, and Hester was standing alone at the corner, waiting for them.

She felt bored and lowered her head, thinking about something. Hence, she didn't notice that a woman was slowly walking towards her with something unknown in her hand.

As their distance was getting closer, Hester suddenly felt something. She looked up, but it was too late.

A chill came over her, and the cold liquid immediately made her unable to open her eyes!

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