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   Chapter 76 Being Caught In Adultery

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6640

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If Hester could, she would rush over to him through the drawing line and cut him into pieces.

When the love that was filled with all her heart was slowly dissipated, there was only profound hatred left.

Hester was terrified. She wondered when she had this terrifying thought?

"Terence, I beg you. Please don't do that anymore." Hester was very clear that in front of this man, she was only a toy. Facing this situation, her anger and impulse were dispersed, and she had to beg, "Sorry, I made you angry, so please don't do this, okay?"

She believed that it was because the close relationship between them these days that made Terence feel dissatisfied, that he did such a thing.

It's so smooth for her to call his nickname, Terence could rarely heard his full name from Hester. She had almost never done that before, but now she was doing this.

Just for a man.

"Hester, you'd better know your identity." With a gloomy face, Terence said: "You'd better know who you are. Don't take my indulgence as your capital for your willfulness."

"Terence..." Hester opened her mouth, but said nothing.

Suddenly, her eyes fell on a bright red stain on the corner of the video. Perhaps the people found being noticed by Hester, the red color immediately evaded and disappeared from the video.

However, Hester had already called out, "What is that?"

Without giving Terence a chance to explain, Hester continued, "There's someone in your office. Who is it?"

She was not a fool. She knew that all the staff in the company wore the professional clothes. It was so bright red. How could the people be an ordinary employee, especially in front of this workaholic?

"Who is in my office? I don't need you manage my affairs"

Terence's words made her stunned.

'Well, she forgot it again. What right did she have to question him?' Because she was his wife?

"You'd better stay here and do nothing about what will happen to Austin," After saying this coldly,

rom beginning to end, let alone to such a stupid woman. He did care about the baby, but it didn't mean that he would be challenged by a woman over and over again.

"Will it have any bad impact on her health? After all, Miss Hester is in poor health," Lisa advised

"It's just a meal. She won't starve to death." Terence was so cruel this time. Lisa understood what he meant, so she didn't continue her words.

Hester knew that the man must have come back since Lisa hadn't insisted on looking for her.

He was the only person who had made the servants do such a thing.

Hester's hand landed on her slightly swollen abdomen. She could not feel the life that was pulsing under her belly. She remembered that Austin had told her that it was only a matter of time. But now, she was not as excited as she used to be about this baby.

"Don't worry, my baby. Mommy will definitely give birth to you even if daddy doesn't want you." Hester muttered.

Hester had been hungry for a whole night. Although it was not a big deal for her, she was only worried about the baby in her belly.

When Lisa knocked at the door again, it was 7:00 am. Hester knew that the man had left.

For the sake of her child, she ate her breakfast quietly this time. After that, she borrowed a cell phone from Lisa and dialed a number.

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