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   Chapter 75 An Idiot

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Hester saw the food was put in front of her.

The food was also steaming. In order to keep healthy, she had three meals a day arranged by diet experts and doctors, and even the cook was carefully selected.

Looking at the exquisite and delicious food, Hester who was extremely hungry suddenly had no desire to eat.

"Are you still mad at me?" "You have a baby in your womb, don't you know?" asked Terence, frowning

'Even if I am pregnant, so what? Do you care about him?'

Hester did not say it, because she did not dare to say it. After all, Terence was not Austin. The former would not indulge her as the latter did.

Hester had not given him a glance, which made Terence feel a cold-shoulder treatment. He didn't like this feel. As Mr. Terence, he had never been reduced to this.

Thinking of this, his face turned colder. "Let's eat."

"I won't eat." Hester replied in a low voice.

It was none of his business whether she ate or not.

Thought feeling trouble, Terence put the tray on the night stand, and then picked up the bowl, scooped out a full spoon, and placed it in front of her mouth. "Listen, open your mouth" he asked

The spoon almost touched her lips, Hester wanted to open her mouth unconsciously, but her remaining consciousness held it back. "Put it there and then go out. I'll eat these."

When she spoke, her voice was as soft as before, but it was out of his control that Terence was about to explode.

"Hester, do you think you have the ability to be willful with me?" This damn woman dared not to embarrass him, "Eat it for me."

Hester opened her mouth after a moment's twitch.

The food was so hot that Hester's cheeks were burned red before she swallowed it. She coughed and spit it out.

"Cough, cough, cough."

With a darkened face, Terence put down the bowl. He wiped her mouth, threw the tissue into the trash can in disgust.

Perhaps it was because his movements were too rude.

tion this time?'

"Miss Hester?"

The call woke Hester up at the moment, fearing that Austin would be really resigned, she said hurriedly, "I am a patient of Dr. Austin, no one knows better than me about my health. I think there must be some misunderstanding between you. Dr. Austin is trying to help me recover gradually, not to mention getting worse. "

"Is that so?" The staff at the hospital hesitated and said, "Okay, we got it. Thank you, Miss Hester."

After hanging up the phone, Hester dialed the number in her memory immediately. She was so familiar with this number that she even knew it backward.

The automatic voice on the phone disappeared, and turned to the man's lazy voice and his handsome face.


"Terence, what the hell are you doing?" Hester wouldn't be able to cover it anymore. She shouted, "Why did you do this to Dr. Austin? He helped me, but you reported him to poison me! "

"Hester?" She saw the expression on his face changed during the video chat. "Is this how you talk to me?"

"Yes, that's how I talk to you." Hester said with an insistence, "Terence, what do you want?"

Terence was silent for a few seconds, causing Hester to think that he had almost hung up.

"What do I want to do?" "Hester, you are so stupid." Terence smiled slightly.

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