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   Chapter 74 Not The Born Heroine

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A few minutes later, a man entered the office.

Austin stopped and looked at the tall woman in the room. The woman was beautiful, from head to foot, it was undeniable exquisite. She was more brilliant than Hester.

Seeing her, he pursed his lips and moved his eyes

There was a desk between the people inside. Different from the way that woman stood, Terence was sitting on the desk in office. There was a black pen between his slender fingers, the tip of which wearing a pen cap, and he was tapping the table gently.

Taking a deep breath, he said, "Mr. Terence."

Terence finally raised his head, but with obvious contempt in his eyes. He glanced at Austin. After a short while, he returned to the starting point.

"Dr. Austin, you never go to the temple for no reason."

With a slight shudder of guilt, Austin put on a professional smile and said, "Mr. Terence, I did come for the matter of Hester."

'Hester?' How dare he address her in such an intimate way Austin's image became more and more irritating. A cold hum came out of his throat with unabashed mockery.

"But it's a family matter. I hope this miss can go out." "Just a few minutes," Austin added

After a pause, Melody calmly nodded her head.

Her high heel shoes fell on the ground with a clear sound. Hearing it, Terence suddenly said: "Wait."

He turned his head. Although the seat he was sitting in made him lower than Austin's height, but he still gave Austin a sense of superiority.

"Since Dr. Austin knows this is a family matter, you have no right to interfere." "Do you think I am idle since you ask me to listen to the judgment of an outsider?" Terence questioned coldly.

It was not the first time that Austin had seen how mean Terence was, but not as clear as he was now.

Hester's crying was still vivid. It was this man who had broken the heart of that kind-hearted girl. But now, he was unwilling to spare tim

After crying, she hadn't washed her face clean. It was so sticky and dirty.

She tried to support herself with her elbow and sat up on the bed.

On her bedside table, there was a thick book with large characters on the cover.

It was called 'Jane Eyre'.

She liked this book for some time. Not knowing how long ago, she even felt that she was the heroine in this book. She was ordinary and humble, but she fell in love with a man who was unusual and not humble.

However, she forgot that not everyone was born to be the heroine.

Then the closed door was opened. It was a hand. The meridians on the hand were smooth and tidy, and the joints were good-looking.

The man walked in against the light. He didn't wear the suit anymore and the white shirt was casually put on. The two buttons at the collar were unbuttoned, revealing his delicate clavicle, which was sexy and deadly.

"Are you awake?" "Lisa said you slept for a long time," Terence continued in a husky voice

'Why... Did he come to accuse her of being lazy?' Hester's eyelashes trembled, but she did not answer.

The raise of Terence's eyebrows indicated his unhappiness, but he unexpectedly did not lose his temper. Instead, he handed the tray with bowls and chopsticks to her. "Eat something."

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