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   Chapter 73 He Doesn't Deserve Your Love

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Hester thought she was going crazy.

She stood blankly on the stairs, and the servants had placed the steaming breakfast on the table in order. At the first glance, she caught the familiar figure in front of the table. It was a man in a neat and straight suit, as serious as his handsome face.

Hester opened her mouth and said, "Terence..."

Terence didn't seem to care. He stood up and slapped the newspaper in his hand on the table.

He expressed his coldness in his behaviors.

"Terence, you haven't finished eating yet." Hester noticed that there was still half a bowl of fish porridge at the table. She remembered that Terence's appetite was up to the standard of a normal man, and fish porridge was his favorite.

She ran downstairs, clip clopping, in an attempt to catch him.

Her fingertips slashed the hem of Terence's clothes, as if things couldn't turn back. Without turning around, Terence took over the briefcase handed over by the servants. As he left, only leaving a heavy slam of the door.

Hester's body was stiff as she stared at the back side of the head which was gradually disappearing, as if she was tearing it apart.

Three days had passed. Since that day, she and Terence had maintained the current status for three days. The way they got along with each other was like ice and fire. She felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff and there was nothing left.

After a long time, someone pushed her. "Miss Hester, Dr. Austin is here."

"Austin?" Hester uttered the familiar name and angrily curled the corners of her mouth. She did not know that the expression she had forced herself to smile was extremely ugly. Her face seemed to twist together. "Please invite him in," she said

She rubbed her face, making the facial muscles relax a little. The breakfast that she was forced to take was beginning to digest. She sat on the sofa and stared at the LCD TV which was not on in front of her.

The black screen reflected her depression.


Austin's gentle v

aybe she was tired of crying or because she was pregnant, Hester fell asleep before long, Before leaving the villa, Austin sent Hester in her bedroom with a maid.

Sometimes, sleeping was a good way to escape.

Austin stepped on the gas. The wind blew over his face, lifting the hair near his ear. He had decided to pretend to be strong, but now he couldn't pretend anymore. All his sadness could be seen from his face. He just lingered on the pain.

He didn't even know what he was doing.

Austin was very clear that his feelings for Hester, all his sympathy and heartbroken were based on his so-called passion. Men always looked forward to beautiful women, or virgin love. However, no matter how embarrassed Hester was, she was the light which was impossible to extinguish in his heart.

As brilliant as the sunlight.

The cold wind sneaked into the unlocked window and lifted the corner of the white paper.

In the office, Melody stood in front of the desk of Terence, "This is the plan for the future..."

The phone rang suddenly and interrupted her words. But Melody was not annoyed. She just looked at the man who answered the phone as if there was no one else. His originally relaxed eyebrows suddenly frowned, and the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be lower.

Terence tapped on the table with his finger.

"Let him in."

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