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   Chapter 72 You Are So Cruel

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He agreed.

Smart as Melody was, she of course understood what he meant.

"Did you quarrel with your fiancee?" Said Melody, smiling.

It was hard to tell her smile through the phone. But it seemed that only worry remained in Terence's ear.

But Terence didn't answer her. At that moment, he probably has no energy at all.

"It's normal for her to make a fuss." He couldn't hide it from her after all. "Coax her. After all, she is your wife."

Melody's tone was very gentle. She had a clear pronunciation, and the words were neither too fast nor too slow. They were unexpectedly pleasant to the ear, like a spring breeze that swept across people's hearts.

Terence was stunned. He thought if Hester was at the same level with Melody, what would happen?

Not knowing what Melody had said on the other side of the phone, Terence hanged up the phone in a daze. He stared at the villa for a long time before he got off the car.

Stepping into the villa, he saw many maids in the living room.

Hester was still sitting there. She was very prominent among the crowd.

She was as fragile as a crystal doll, motionless, as if she had lost her most basic vitality. Only the occasional blink of her eyes could show a trace of vitality.

To his surprise, Terence's heart melted.

Hester suddenly raised her head and saw Terence walking towards her. His lips were still unmoved, and she couldn't hear a word of a maid beside her.

The world was so quiet.

"Go back," Said Terence.

Hester understood what he meant. However, she could not hear his voice, so she did not know what his tone was.

She reached out her hand subconsciously, but what had just happened flashed through her mind.

She was pushed down to the ground by a pair of hands that she had been dreaming of.

She was strangely quiet.

"Hester?" Terence seldom called her name. However, Hester had already closed her eyes, and missed it.

Such a blatant rejection infuriated Terence. The nameless anger that he had tried hard to e


"You madman, what are you doing?" Upon hanging up, Terence almost threw his phone out. He stared at Hester's panicked face with his sharp eyes.

Hester stood at the ground, feeling that her voice no longer trembled, and she didn't even have the strength to make a sound.

The man's angry expression was deeply reflected in her eyes. She subconsciously took a few steps back, but saw the man step forward and grabbed her wrist.

He had great strength, and his hands were no longer as fiery as before.

Hester wanted to cry with the pain.

"Let, let me go."

"Hester, you are crazy." "Hester, do you really think you can do anything because of your pregnancy?" She could feel his warm breath with his face getting closer to her

He wanted her to see it clearly and said slowly on purpose.

"Hester, you make me sick."

Something was exploding in her heart, and tears were just about to gush out of her eyes.

Even though they had kids, Terence still couldn't be soft hearted.

Terence let go of her and saw several bright red stains on her fair skin. Her skin looked like superior blood jade from a distance.

He didn't look at her any more, just said on his side, "Get out."

Hester covered her face, trying to hide her embarrassment. She dragged her tired body and walked out of the door.

'Terence, You are so cruel.'

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