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   Chapter 70 Don't be so cruel to me

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Only silence could be felt in the office.

The vibe in the room was a little bit oppressive and intimidating, making Melody shudder for no reason. She even felt a chill head-on, which was absolutely impossible for the former Terence to have.

"Don't be like this. I will doubt that you have fallen in love with your fiancee." Melody curved her lips and seemed to be frivolous, but in fact, there was cold sweat on her back.

She knew this man very well. After all these years of getting along with him, even if time could change, his essence didn't change at all.

"You know clearly whether she is pregnant or not." Terence's tone was very bad. He was angry.

The unknown angry fire was frightening, even a calm person like Melody was startled.

Melody pressed her lips, put down the China Cup and said, "Yes, I know everything, including your so-called wife, who was given to you by your mother by force."

She stared at the man with her seductive eyes and asked, "You don't love her, do you?"

Looking at this pair of eyes, Terence was somewhat absent-minded.

He thought of Hester. Hester was different from Melody. Her gaze was extremely clear and flawless. All her emotions were expressed in this pair of black eyes, like shining flowers.

When she realized that the man was absent-minded, Melody was a little embarrassed and said, "Terence?"

Terence stared at her.

"I know you still love me." Melody said in a low voice, "There were reasons for what happened a few years ago. If you love me, please forgive me, okay?"


Melody nodded, "Yes."

Terence suddenly laughed, maybe out of anger, or maybe because he was fooled by what Melody did. When did she ever grovel to him? "Do you think I care about that?"

She frowned, and her fingertips were stinging with her palms. "Terence, you're still angry with me, aren't you?"

"I didn't know that you a

"You know I have a wife." Terence answered indifferently.

"I don't believe you care so much about her." "Isn't that the baby in her belly what you want?" asked Melody.

Her words made his heart flip.

"It seems that you are well prepared." Terence's voice became colder and colder, showing his fickleness on his face.

The marriage for business? He was clear that this was the best solution at present.

Both the Si and Qi families are large families. It's no exaggeration to say that the Si family and the Qi family will be able to survive if they form an alliance at home and abroad. Besides, the public thought he was still single. Even if he got married in a relationship, nobody doubted it.

But that woman...

Terence thought he was going crazy. Why did he always think of that silly fool?

"I hope you can think it over." Melody said, "Can a woman save the company?"

Even if there was, it was only her.

The two were startled by the suddenly ringing of the phone. As expected, Melody's face turned a little pale. At this critical moment, who dared to harass them?

Glancing at the number, he pressed the answer key.

"Hello? "Mr. Terence," the voice of the maid came through the phone, "something happened to Miss Hester!"

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