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   Chapter 68 Love him only

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The woman remained unmoved and still smiled, which made the Secretary more and more angry.

"Didn't you hear what boss said? Get out! Don't stay here! " Yelled the secretary. She was holding her head high as if she was backed up by someone.

She did not notice that the man behind her did not show too much dissatisfaction. She just saw the woman smiled more ironically.

The woman folded the toad mirror and hung it on the collar of her chest. "You are a bully and too arrogant."

"What did you say?" This was undoubtedly a mockery to someone. The secretary looked awful and there was grievance in her beautiful eyes.

"Get out." Terence, who was silent at first, suddenly opened his mouth. The ordered words brightened the Secretary's eyes, "Boss let you out!"

The woman put her arms around her shoulders with a smile. Terence continued, "She stays. You go out."

What? The secretary was shocked. Her usual arrogance turned into a deep desolation. She bit her lower lip pitifully and was unable to vent her anger. Frustrated, she turned around and left the office.

With his back leaning against the chair, and his thick eyebrows loosened, Terence looked a little tired and said: "Why are you back?"

"You knew I was coming back, didn't you?" Melody skillfully opened the cabinet and took out a pot of tea and a set of tea set. She smiled as if she had thought of something, "You haven't changed."

Without answering, the black pen spun flexibly between his fingers several times and then stopped abruptly.

She was used to his silence and made tea for herself. She was so skilled and her movements were smooth.

The fragrance of the tea was lingering in her nose. Melody handed a cup of tea to him and said, "Have a taste. Don't you like the tea I made the most?"

The tea was so hot that it was difficult to reach the cup. Terence took over the cup, holding it steadily with his hand.

He didn't taste the tea, but stared at the smiling woman in front

"That's great!" Hester touched her lower abdomen, and the light in her eyes was like the shining stars of the night sky, emitting a dazzling light. "Thank you, Dr. Austin. I'm relieved now."

Hester was like a child now, naive and childish.

However, he realized that the silly girl he wanted to cherish was deeply hurt by that man again and again.

Perhaps she cried for that man this time again.

He seemed to have made up his mind, and he said with his fist clenched more tightly, "Hester, in fact, I came here today to tell you one thing."

Hester was contemplating. "What is it?"

"Before I tell you, can you promise me that you won't be mad at me no matter what I say?" Austin looked at her, and for a moment, she dodged his fiery gaze.

Realizing that she had a state of mind to dodge Austin, Hester felt guilty and then squeezed out a bright smile, "Okay."

"Hester, do you... Do you love Terence? " Asked Austin although he knew the answer clearly.

Hester's face was filled with feelings of expectation and happiness. "Of course I love Terence. I will only love him all my life."

Only like him?

For a moment, Austin felt that his heart was bleeding as if thousands of arrows were penetrating it.

"Well, if..." He took a deep breath and asked, "What if he's going to abandon you?"

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