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   Chapter 67 Long time no see, Terence

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The woman sounded wary and even her voice was very low, almost hard to be heard.

Her words were like a light feather, gently sweeping across his heart, leaving a dull itch.

Terence was somewhat angry, but he didn't know why he could not vent his anger on this woman. It was stifled in his bones.

Hester was still blinking, waiting for the answer with her innocent eyes.

"Why do you ask so many questions?" With his brows wrinkled impatiently, he clasped hands, and there seemed to be still the residual temperature left by that woman on his fingertips.

Hester's eyes darkened, but she forced herself to smile. "It's just curiosity."

"Don't ask such boring questions again." Terence still didn't want to answer.

Hester nodded at him, and her fingertip gently pinched her palm. As his dodging eyes floated, he didn't notice that the corners of her mouth was almost broken, and she could only rise hard to maintain a bitter smile.

"Then..." She asked in a hoarse voice, "Is the baby very important?"

Terence probably thought it was funny, "What boring questions are you asking?"

But this time, Hester insisted, "Is the baby very important?"

It was a rare case for Terence to see her like this. She used to be a weak rabbit that would easily cry, but now she was a stubborn little bull.

"Or why do you think the child will stay?" Out of the patience, Terence responded impatiently, "Bring Miss Hester inside."

The maids responded one after another, and hurriedly took Hester into the room.

Hester felt her body stiff and her limbs cool.

It turned out that in his eyes, the real important thing was the children!

No, it couldn't be the children? What he wanted was just the DNA of the child.

The maids left. Hester could no longer hold back his tears facing the empty room. Tears coursed down her cheeks and splashed around.

She wiped her tears away with


It was an outstanding woman. Not only her appearance, but also her temperament showed the calmness and indifference that was not deliberately cultivated. The noble temperament was irreplaceable to ordinary people.

The woman wasn't plainly dressed. She was even of fashion. The black dress accentuated her curvaceous figure, and the fiery red overcoat added a little glamour to her. With her long hair loose, she wore a toad mirror, which almost covered half of her face.

The secretary was annoyed that someone was disturbing her at this moment. "Who are you? Don't you know that this is the president's office? And don't you know that you need to knock before you come in? "

The woman wasn't frightened by the Secretary's overbearing attitude. Instead, she took off her toad mirror unhurriedly, revealing her beautiful eyes. She was wearing exquisite nude makeup and the corner of her mouth slightly raised with the lip gloss.

"Long time no see, Terence. You're so popular!"

The woman stepped on her stilettos with a click sound. Every time the Secretary heard the sound, her heart was sinking.

However, what Terence said next made her overjoyed.

"Who allowed you to come in?" Raising his head, Terence stared at her bright face, "Get out."

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