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   Chapter 66 Who will you choose

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It was not the first time that Hester had seen Ramona.

She had seen her several times before. It must be because of some skills that Ramona was able to fascinate Terence's father. As far as she could remember, Mrs. Qi was well bred and elegant since her childhood. She seemed to be a seductress of nature. Even time and madness faded a little for her.

Ramona banged the irony gate's guardrail frantically. "Get your ass out of there! You bastard! You have no mother to raise you, and you are a bastard as shameless as your mother! "

"Nonsense!" Mrs. Qi was an inviolable existence in Hester's heart. Even the rabbit would bite if it was angry. Hester's small face was red at once. "I don't allow you to say Mrs. Qi like that!"

"Wow? It seems that there is a little bitch to protect that bitch. " "What a pity! That bitch died early. No one could save her." said Ramona with a grim face.

"Mrs. Qi is the best in the world!" Hester shouted at her. She didn't know how to curse, so she didn't know how to vent her anger. After controlling it for a long time, she said in a low voice, "You are a mistress!"

"Are you calling me a bitch?" Ramona kept knocking on the irony gate, making loud noise.

Her body collided with the iron rod, causing Hester to feel nervous. She unconsciously retreated a few steps.

"You think I can do nothing to you, bitch?" Ramona took out an iron bar from nowhere, which was as long as a baby's arm and hit the door lock.

With a click, the lock was actually smashed open.

Ramona rushed into the gate with the iron bar. With her eyes fixed at Hester, she huffed, "You bitch, go to hell!"

"Miss Hester!" There was no time for Lisa to rush up, only to let out a loud voice. Hester looked at the iron rod coming towards her and subconsciously put her arms around her belly.

A few seconds later, she did not feel the expected pai

elf?' he wondered.

"Don't be angry? Hester, don't forget you are pregnant now! If something happens to you, your health... What about the baby? " Before he could blurt out the blame, Hester's eyes darkened.

Children? Was there only the child in his heart?

If it was not for the child, he would not care about her, would he?

Mike's words were so vivid that Hester could only feel her grief at this moment.

Her eyes suddenly turned red. She quickly lowered her head and let her hair down to cover the gentle curve in her face.

The woman's disguise was so obvious that his shoulders were trembling. She was so stupid to believe that no one had seen through her disguise

'What an idiot!'

He whispered in his heart.

"Take her inside." After saying that, Terence was about to leave. He was busy with his work in the company and came here as soon as he got the news that Ramona was here to make trouble.

All of a sudden, his sleeve seemed to be pulled by a small force. Terence instinctively shook her hand off. But his hand was grasped by a soft hand.

She withdrew her hand at once, fearing that she might annoy him.

"Terence..." She whispered, "If there is only one choice between me and the child, who will you choose?"

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