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   Chapter 65 Are you done or not

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She knocked on the door again.

He was annoyed and confused. Was this woman done?

But he knew she didn't hear him. It was useless to ask her to get out or get in. So he had to open the door for her in person.

When the door was opened, he saw she holding a plate of brightly colored spaghetti in her hand, which was sprinkled with green peas, and beautiful broccoli decorated beside the plate.

"Now you turn a deaf ear to my words?" His eyes were as dark as obsidian, and a thin layer of anger appeared at the corners of his cold lips.

She shook her head in panic. "No, I'm not. I'm just afraid that you are hungry."

"I'm hungry. I'll call the servants. Now what you need to do is to raise the baby for me and give birth to the baby." He was still angry and staring at the woman's innocent little face.

"Terence, you... You want me to give birth to the baby? " She couldn't help but feel happy. At the same time, she thought of Mike's words. Did Mike really lie to her?

However, she was sensitive after all. She quickly thought of the connection between the child and his interests. Did he still do it for his interests after all?

But she dared not to ask. The answer was sometimes like a flood or a beast, and she was not confident that she could bear it.

It seemed that Terence hated her nonsense. He took over the plate, threw it on the flower table beside, and ordered her grimly, "Lie on the bed now."

He grasped her neck and stared at her fiercely, saying in a voice as if it was grinding his teeth, "I don't like disobedient girls."

"I am going to sleep now." She nodded her head in panic and disappeared from his sight hurriedly. She did not want to annoy him again.

Pouring a glass of wine and taking a sip, he walked slowly out of the study as if he was worried about her. He didn't go back to the study until he saw that her bedroom was dark at the corner of the corridor.

He suddenly regretted what he had just done, as if he had been possessed and wanted her to sleep tight. He felt like a naive boy who just reached puberty.

When he saw the spaghetti

years to revenge on her. He didn't know whether she got mad because of her mental disease or she was getting along well with her patients there. Anyway, she went insane after she was released. She was so irritable that she could hurt others at any time.

Hester knew what had happened and sometimes she felt sorry for her. But thinking that she had hurt Mrs. Qi, her sympathy was reduced greatly.

"You will die a horrible death, you won't even let go of your own younger brother!" "Mike has a share in Qi family's business. How can you be the only one to run it? !" Ramona kept cursing hysterically outside the door.

"Miss Hester, you go upstairs first. I'll call Mr. Terence." When they arrived at the lobby, Lisa asked Adrian to help her upstairs.

She stopped Lisa from calling Terence. She knew that he had been busy recently and didn't want to upset him because of this.

Noticing that Lisa still had some doubts, Hester comforted her kindly, "Don't worry. We won't open the door for her. She will leave when she is tired."

After Hester returned this time, the attitude of Terence towards her had changed subtly. Lisa was a person who was very perceptive. She guessed that she would soon be formally recognized as the hostess of the Qi family.

Thus Lisa temporarily respected her will. After all, there were so many people in the villa. Even if Ramona rushed in, they could stop her.

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