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   Chapter 64 I Don't Like To Be Disturbed

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Hester had spent most of her time in the hospital after she knew that she was pregnant. Although she was in a VIP ward, she was still unaccustomed to the strong smell of disinfectant all day long.

When she got back to the villa and saw her favorite plants and flowers, walking through the long cobblestone path, her heart was unconsciously opened. But when she saw the arrogant and insidious face of Terence beside her, she suddenly felt upset.

In the hall of the main building, Lisa led two dark skinned women over there. One was in her forties and the other in her twenties. They were nurses and nannies hired by Terence.

Hester was pregnant, and she was weak. Their care at home was much more reassuring than Lisa's.

"Adrian, Joy, go and see Mr. Terence." Lisa glanced at them.

It was the first time for Adrian and Joy to see Terence. Different from the image of a gentleman they had imagined, they felt out of breath due to his noble temperament. So they could only brace themselves up and salute him.

"From now on, serve Miss Hester carefully. If anything happens to her and the baby, you are responsible for it." His sharp eyes swept over the fear and trepidation on their faces.

He then turned to look at Lisa and said in a sharp tone, "Keep an eye on her when I'm out. Don't let her step out of the villa."

"She is a naughty girl. She likes to play and go around." His complicated feelings surged in his eyes. He glanced at the nervous petite woman next to him. His two fingers held her chin, gnashed his teeth, and warned her silently. He hated her for her activities and caused him trouble, but it seemed that she was spoiled by him.

Letting go of her chin, he strode upstairs. He knew he had betrayed his love for her a little.

Every time she caused him trouble, he would become more nervous and worried for her and understand her importance to him more. Terence hated to admit it, but he knew that with Hester around, he couldn't help getting excited.

She made his heart become softer and more fragi

eep... " After saying that, she lowered her head weakly, as if she was ready for a lightning.

But she couldn't hear, even the most violent thunderbolt would do no harm to her. Knowing this, Terence grabbed her chin with his big hand and dragged her petite body to the front of him. Looking down at her, with a pair of dark eyes, he slowly said: "Go to bed before 9 o'clock in the future!"

He shook her off and strode to the study room, not his bedroom.

She felt sorry for him when she saw his tired figure. He had been busy with his work recently, but he never told her what had happened. She thought sadly that even if he told her, what could she do?

She knew he wouldn't be able to rest this evening.

But she still decided to cook noodles in the kitchen, what she could do was only these trivial things.

She took the cooked spaghetti to the door of the study room and gently knocked the door.

"Don't you know that I don't like to be disturbed?" Sitting in front of the computer and checking the connection between the industry chain owned by the group's shareholders, Terence roared in a low voice without raising his head, looking as cold as iron.

But for a long time, there was no movement outside the door, even no footsteps. There was a frown between his eyebrows. Except for the damn deaf, no one could hear his anger without move.

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