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   Chapter 63 Take You Home

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6986

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Hester was lost in mixed feelings last night. When she woke up, she saw a tall and handsome figure standing at the window. She was panicked suddenly.

The man was motionless, like a stone sculpture. The white curtain was pulled to both sides. Through the window, the thin rose red light shrouded in a tranquil luster on his body.

She touched her slightly swollen belly and wanted to call him, tell him that she felt the baby was moving last night, but she did not speak. Her eyelashes, which were lowering the fan-shaped, she were not sure whether he cared about the baby.

After a long while, he slowly turned around and glanced coldly at her. "Are you awake?"

She nodded dully.

"Stay in the villa and don't go anywhere." His voice was harsh, with irresistible dignity. The man looked away from her and gave an indifferent hint to the nursing worker waiting outside the door.

The nurse pushed the door and came in, helping Hester get out of bed, putting off her hospital clothes and packing something trivial, so it was not so important. Looking at these behaviors, Terence was a little annoyed, but he didn't say anything, just kept his cold face.

When Austin, who came to visit Hester, saw the scene, he looked at the profound looking Terence with amazement, and then his sights quickly landed at Hester, who was silent beside. "Hester, are you going to leave?"

"I'll take her home." Glancing at Austin's handsome face coldly, Terence narrowed his eyes. It seemed that it was the first time for him to be hostile to a man just for a woman.

He knew that Austin was different from Aron, he knew Aron, but he didn't know anything about Austin. His intuition which were gained from the market experiences told him that the man would be his incalculable opponent.

At least, he couldn't look down upon Austin when it came to Hester.

"Mr. Terence, I have checked Hester's physical condition. She needs to stay in hospital for observation." Austin kept a peaceful tone. He would put Hester's health in the first place, regardless of whether he was her brother i

f his

beloved girl suddenly became someone's wife.

He was a gentleman, so he just shut the door politely.

In the car, the man didn't say anything, but his face was as deep as usual. Hester didn't dare to speak either. She bowed her head and twisted the hem of her clothes, immersed in the state of disturbance.

The car was running on the road. The man received a call from Claire who was the president's assistant. The old shareholders of the board of directors began to question him again. Last time, he managed to keep the matter under control and dispelled the idea of changing the CEO from the board. These people just quiet for a little while and now they were going to make trouble again.

As an official, Qi group still had this slogan. But actually, there was no member of Qi family anymore. Mike could be a family member, but he was poaching him.

The phone hit on the driver's seat. He felt hot all over his body because of his anger.

Hester didn't know who was calling him, or what people had said over the phone, but recently, she had been constantly making trouble, habitually blaming herself for the reason of Terence's anger.

It was a long time before she said weakly, "Terence, are you angry again?"

"Shut up." He gritted his teeth, and his handsome face darkened.

With tears in her eyes, she lowered her head, speechless, panicked and aggrieved.

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